Sunday, February 15, 2015

The three best new apps for iPad # 82 – Tablets Magazine

The many available applications make the iPad of course the most. That’s why we bring you weekly the funniest, most interesting, best and most useful apps for your new iPad. This week include an app that you always have your emails organized.

Mail Pilot 2

Mail Pilot is an email app for the iPhone and iPad that picked money through Kickstarter. Because the design, there is now what was dated Mail Pilot 2, in which, inter alia, the design of the application is adjusted. Mail Pilot 2 see email as a to-do list. If you do not have to respond, you can road-swiping the conversation to mark it as complete, or you can set a reminder to respond example, tomorrow or in a week only.

 Mail Pilot 2 app

Mail Pilot 2 is available for download for € 7.99.

Stratego Single Player

Stratego Single Player is an app that you know exactly after reading the name of what you can expect: Stratego but single player, so you only play against the computer. That seems boring, but it is more exciting than you think. This is because the behavior of the system designed by a world champion in Stratego and there is so just bluffed and intimidated. The app also has a fresh feel and all the features you would expect.

 Stratego Single Player app

Stratego Single Player retails for € 1.99.

Staying Together

Staying Together is a game that looks a bit like Thomas Was Alone, yet has a twist. Instead of that you play with several characters, you have to Staying Together simultaneously control multiple characters, two to be exact. The intention is that both characters survive the game, and you must do your best to bring both characters to the end of the level. That you can do include them to work together.

 Staying Together app

Staying Together is free to download.

What apps you?

Do you have any apps that should not be missing on an iPad? I like to read about in the comments, I take them for next time.


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