Thursday, February 12, 2015

Review: Workflow (iPhone / iPad) – iCreate Magazine

We at iCreate are big fans of the program Automator on the Mac. Lets you automate complicated or difficult tasks in OS X so that you can perform with only one button press. Examples are the automatic moving files to specific folders or changing the size of a large amount of images. Incredibly convenient, but on iOS you had little to it. That is about to change with the app Workflow .

 Workflow app

Automating tasks in iOS

you make your first workflow Workflow, you immediately get the typical Automator feeling: you drag several blocks from a list in your workflow. If you’re thinking that the options available to iOS restrictions are not very extensive, you are wrong. So you can include contact information retrieval, use your current location or even download a file from your Dropbox. Additionally, you can also work with variables so that a workflow multiple directions can whichever input he receives.

It sounds complicated, but the app works quite logical and even makes it possible to create small programs. So we have relatively little effort put together a workflow that YouTube videos to mp3 turnover and stores it in Dropbox. In other words, we have the limits of Workflow can not yet detect

Workflows others

Like ingenious idea of ​​workflow, but do not feel themselves to workflows together. ask? No problem, because in Workflow is also a gallery where you can download integrated workflows from other users. That gallery is very similar to the App Store and install a workflow is as simple as installing an app. Who really wants to do everything with his iOS device, Workflow can not miss

Price:. € 4.99

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