Saturday, February 28, 2015

Screen Stick: paste a ‘real’ joystick on your iPhone or iPad – iculture

screen-stick We have over the years written a few times about opplakjoysticks for your iDevice : by placing them in the correct position of the screen, you can control a game with a physical movement button. Nice, but almost all of these joysticks actually did not feel as example the sticks on an Xbox controller. The Screen Stick grabs therefore different: this opplakstick has the same shape as those on a gamepad and is even available in the form of a simulator stick

You stick the Screen Stick on the virtual joystick on the iPhone or iPad screen. The accessory will work with pretty much all of iOS games, without the developer having to release a special update. As the maker has his joystick already tested with FIFA 15 , Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas , Minecraft Pocket Edition , Real Racing 3 and more games

screen stick

The inventors of the Screen Stick raise money on Kickstarter . Insert your least 11 pounds (15 euros) in the project, you will get sent one set, which includes parts for both gamepad- as the simulation version. Would you stick two sticks on the screen? Then you need at least 19 pounds (26 euros) donation. The project has to go 16 days, but has already raised the target amount of £ 6,000.

The Screen Stick provides a nice alternative if you would like to use real buttons while gaming. Although you can also go one step further: since Apple does not support iOS 7 MFi controllers, which can be used in a number of games


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