Saturday, February 7, 2015

“IPad sales drop this year harder ‘-

Kuo has a good reputation in the field of Apple products. The analyst expects the number of iPads shipped in 2015 will be about 30 percent lower than in 2014, reports 9to5 Mac according to the report. That would amount to 44 to 45 million unit shipment.

Kuo expects that the decline in the first half of the year deployment. In the first quarter sales would decrease by 52.7 percent and amount to 10.1 million iPads sold. The quarter then be sold expected 7.8 million.

The larger, 12.9-inch iPad that Apple probably this year on the market helps a little bit, but, according to Kuo not enough to stop the decline. “Although we think that a 12.9-inch model can provide a better user experience, we do not think it has a significant effect on the number of iPads shipped.”

Apple sold in the fourth quarter of 2014 21.4 million iPads, compared with 26 million a year earlier. Not only Apple, but also with other tablet manufacturers selling collapses. This is partly because the market is becoming saturated, many people already have an iPad. In addition, a tablet is a lot less likely to be replaced rather than by manufacturers thought.

Eight reasons why the iPad sales collapses



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