Thursday, February 26, 2015

CampingApp Dutch: offline Find campsites on your iPad – iculture

CampingApp Dutch iPhone When we go on vacation we reserve today a special place in the suitcase for our smartphones and tablets. Certainly at campgrounds, the devices are not indispensable. A new update of CampingApp Dutch ensures you now also can look on your iPad information on more than 7,900 European campsites.

camping app was available for iPhone , but thanks to an update now be used on the iPad. Also in this version all important functions are still present. The app shows you information, photos and current rates of more than 7,900 campsites in 29 countries. Using different filters, you can easily select which facilities are important to you in order to find a suitable site. Also, using your location to the nearest camping again. This makes the app very handy for when you’re abroad on spec to find a campsite. In the menu you can free download maps of popular holiday destinations, so you can view it online at the place of destination. This keeps roaming charges and the search for a WiFi hotspot you save. When downloading the maps is also indicated how much space will take it on your machine.

CampingApp Dutch screenshot

New in the iPad version of CampingApp Dutch is that the site information in a pop-up appears, so you do not have to exit the screen with the card. In addition, the overnight rates of the campsites are the Best Deal Camping Card accept clearly displayed. The new version of CampingApp Dutch is free download in the App Store.

CampingApp Dutch


iOS 7.0 or later


iOS Universal


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