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The 8 best apps to learn with the iPad – Total Computer

iPad is an ideal tool to learn something. Instead of expensive books you have an app enough to delve into a fun topic. Another advantage is that you have direct access to an iPad to multimedia such as animations and movies. You can start without you even one cent pay tuition. However, knowledge of the English language a plus, since most e-learning apps and the information not available in Dutch.

Colleges follow

The following lectures is not only reserved for students. Through the app Universiteit Netherlands of everyone to access to educational presentations by professors. Every day you will see a new online college. Once you open the app, throw you a look at the lessons that are available. Via Genre , choose from subjects like biology, criminology, philosophy and medicine. After playing a video of a lecture, tap the icon with two arrows to display the image in full screen. Characteristic of the colleges in the University of Netherlands app is that the presentations are flashy and not too long.

In the initial screen of the University of the Netherlands you can find an overview of the last speakers.

TED is another valuable application that allows you to follow lectures of interesting speakers. This application has compared his Dutch brother aesthetics. You have access to 1700 videos, so there is probably something for you between. Some presentations are even equipped with English subtitles. You download desired audio and video clips to the local memory for offline use.

Some college videos at TED have English subtitles

University of the Netherlands

Price . Free
Size : 12.5 MB
score 3.5


Price Free
Size : 26.9 MB
score 4.5

Free study

Coursera offers complete studies for nop. With this valuable app you’ve namely free access to curriculum of more than eighty universities and institutes all over the world. With Leiden University and University of Amsterdam, there are two Dutch partners represented. In total there are almost 800 educational lessons ready for you. Before you get started with this app, create an account first. After the registration process, you will see a list of 25 studies from which you can choose. Examples include chemistry, engineering, medicine and nutrition.

Coursera is an online university that offers countless lessons on various subjects.

For each subject, there are several topics available. Make a choice and take at your own pace through the lessons. You can see exactly when the classes begin. Furthermore, also listed the number of hours and the official language. Select Join if you’d like to participate in something. You then read the rules of the teacher and determines for yourself or your agrees. After commencement of the classes you take part in online meetings and get even homework. Coursera check with an online exam that you have enough knowledge on the subject. It is even possible to get a Coursera certificate!

See how long it takes a study and decide if you want to join


Price . Free
Size : 9.5 MB
score 5


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