Monday, February 9, 2015

‘Great iPad Pro will not turn tide’ – iCreate Magazine

The sales of the iPad look quarterly less rosy, and a larger iPad Pro does not bring immediate change. That claims analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. He expects a 30% decrease this year compared to 2014. From recente figures from IDC appeared that were sold in the last quarter, 18% less iPads

 iPad Pro and MacBook Air

Business users

With a larger iPad Apple would want to appeal to a new audience. The iPad Pro would be primarily for business users, who benefit from a larger screen. According to de rumors the new iPad gets a screen of 12.9 inches in size so similar to the MacBooks. The current iPad Air has a screen of 9.7 inches. In addition, Kuo claimed earlier that the iPad Pro gets a stylus as an optional accessory, especially for creative and artistic users.

No direct sales momentum

The plan is so, but whether it really something is going to contribute to the iPad sales, is still very questionable. “A new model sales will not give immediate boost,” Kuo says in his latest predictions. It remains conjecture, but in terms of sales, this analyst regularly at right. Causes are the saturation in the tablet market, but the small audience that would be interested in a larger iPad. Despite Cook speaks of a “soft patch” and he expects that demand will naturally recover.

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