Thursday, February 12, 2015

iPad cover allows keys’ rise from screen –

iPad folio Phorm the company Tactus announced already officially in January 2014 at CES gadget. The cover was a while in development, the company now has a first version ready for sale.

Phorm puts a transparent layer over the screen of an iPad mini, where liquid micrometer scale in is processed. In neutral position thereof is nothing to see, and the screen is flat and transparent.

However, users Putting the switch behind the cover to the fluid is pushed through tiny channels bubbles, which pop out of the screen . The bubbles are appearing above the touch keys of the iPad, which would have to be blind easier that way find.

The bubbles are as developer Tactus not pressing, but act as a guide to the normal impalpable keys. Because the sleeve works with a physical slide, no batteries are needed.

The Phorm iPad mini sleeve is still ahead in the US to order, for a price of $ 99 and a delivery in the summer . Tactus also wants to fast-Phorm case for the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2 market. In time, the company will also build its technology into tablets and phones



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