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Microsoft 'rents' Apple's Siri to make the iPad ridiculous - Volkskrant

By: Thomas van der Kolk – 05/23/13, 16:17

“Sorry, I can only be one thing at a time. Use PowerPoint does not belong there. ” Siri, the personal assistant for Apple’s iOS operating system, is a recently launched commercial not very highly of themselves. The spot is therefore not Apple itself, but of rival Microsoft, which the voice of Siri has ‘hired’ to crack the iPad off and on to heaven. Its own Windows 8 tablets

tablets with Microsoft are not only cheaper, but you can also multitask and Office programs to use, Microsoft wants to say is. On the strengths of Apple is of course no mention. The commercial is a parody of Apple’s commercial for the iPad Mini.

It is certainly not the first time that Microsoft used a commercial competitor to deal firmly. The Siri-spot reminiscent of the campaign “I’m a PC” from years ago, which was a response to Apple’s advertising series “I’m a Mac”.

But other competitors are acquired by Microsoft on the grain. Microsoft previously parodied as a commercial for Google’s Chrome browser.

And in a recent advertisement for Windows Phone were Apple and Samsung jointly addressed depict fighting as guests at a wedding.

by Apple and Samsung adepts

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Dr.-Knippenbergcollege begins an iPad-class - Eindhoven Dagblad

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image ANP

HELMOND – The DR-Knippenbergcollege in Helmond start next school year with an iPad-class


For this is one of the bridging classes vmbo t chosen. The school expects all students (VWO, HAVO and vmbo t) get digital education within ten years. It was previously known that Vakcollege into three classes begins with digital learning. The three TMR schools in Helmond journey together in this process. The third school, Charles Borromeo College, first hold the move to the new building in Brandevoort off.

Dr.-Knippenbergcollege has after the subscription period for the new school year pre-vocational students and their parents were asked whether those interested to participate in the pilot. The school provides the iPads, they must be repaid.

in three years

The project Arno Verhofstad and Huub Metzemaekers the iPad is not an end in itself but a means to bring about innovation in education. “It is learning to measure. We go from teacher-driven education to student sent. The teacher is a coach.”

Eindhoven Dagblad, this article is copyrighted.


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iPad game Bam Fu lets you physically compete against each other - Bright

Bam Fu is a multiplayer game where you enter into battle with your friends. Pinching, pushing and pulling is allowed.

The fight is on. In the game Bam Fu (video) is all about speed, cleverness and cunning. And occasionally a bit mean. The gameplay is simple: on the court are a number of stones through a touch change color. Each player (minimum two, maximum four) gets assigned a color and to ensure that all stones get their color.

Bam Fu was created by the Dutch Oven appmakers Game, who previously made the soft erotic touch game Fingle. “I love games where you can lay your personality,” says Adriaan de Jongh of Game Oven. “Bam Fu requires action, someone with a quiet personality is probably bad in this game.”

It can be pretty wild to draw near to the game. “It’s very physical. You must wrists pushing, squeezing and bright. But there has never fallen into the test period a device on the ground.”


Fingle in early 2012 as one of the first local multiplayer games hit the market, the genre became popular. “Phones and tablets are put down as a personal device, but not that. Need right It’s nice to loosen. Physical and sometimes aggressive in people If you have your own mat at Twister all, there is nothing.”

Bam Fun is out now for iPad and iPhone (€ 0.89) and from 20 June for Android. Beware: it is very cool and intense game puts personalities expose you might prefer to keep hidden


New patent describes' rotating speakers in iPad - One More Thing

iPad or iPhone to use. in different positions Vertically, horizontally or upside down. How do you ensure that the left always left and right always stays right with stereo sound? Apple has found the answer, the speakers have, as it were rotating with how the iDevice held.

a new patent discovered by Patently Apple, describes the company from Cupertino how this is possible. A sensor measures the position the appliance and adjusts the operation of the speakers accordingly. The patent describes a portable device where three instead of two speaker are processed.

A description of the patent.

A description of the patent.

A special chip in the patent application “Audio Routing processor” called, measured using the built-in gyroscope the position of the iPad. Then the sound of the left and right channels intelligently distributes the speakers present. In this way, the chip ensures that the sound is in the left channel of the audio recording is also heard on the left. Regardless of the position of the device.

iPad mini was the first device with stereo speakers, currently have the ‘normal’ iPads still a mono speaker. However, this patent indicates that we can expect in future iPads.

more audio technical improvements

Mailbox app now also on the iPad - De Gelderlander


image Photographer: Mailbox

AMSTERDAM – Mailbox is already the mailapp of 2013. The Gmail client for iOS was already wanted for launch. Digital long queues were the result.

popularity did not go unnoticed and in April it was announced that Dropbox had filed to annex.

the team Mailbox tens of millions

Under the wings of Dropbox, the developers really just continued what they were doing. Major renovations or a change of opinion is therefore not come into the mailapp those emails treats as tasks.

However, the team members Mailbox and added Dropbox by forces not only acquainted. There is behind the scenes working hard on the latest update Mailbox which is also made for the iPad.


terms of formatting is actually changed, but one crucial thing. Besides the well-known mail Overview of the iPhone has come for a larger preview screen displaying the messages themselves. Especially on a device like the iPad offers more than enough space without too much trouble to move.

the contents of your mail

Mailbox is free to download from the App Store. To use the app is still necessary a Gmail account and you need to make. Several labels in Gmail The previously rigged queue has disappeared and after installation you can directly with the app to work.

The Gelderlander © 2013, This article is copyrighted.


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Mailbox app is now also available for the iPad - Tablets Magazine

Mailbox iPadMailbox app is now available for the iPad

Mailbox, the very popular email client, is now also available for the iPad. The app that turns your Gmail inbox into a task list has been a while available for the iPhone, but the makers have yesterday launched an iPad version of the app.

Mailbox: inbox and task list

Mailbox treat your inbox as a task list. The goal is simple: At the end of the day, your inbox is empty! With every mail you specify whether you want to delete, archive it, add it to a list or you get a reminder to act him. Later on These actions run with a swipe, both on the iPhone and the iPad.

The layout

Mailbox on the iPad looks very organized. The app works very smooth and the layout is very recognizable. As in most email clients has left a bar with folders and labels that you have created in Gmail. Is right place for the selected mail. From this screen you can perform all actions Mailbox. The app at the moment only in landscape mode.

works on the iPad

Important to know

Two things are equally important to know before you get started with the Mailbox app.

  1. Gmail labels you want to use must be created as a sub-label under the label Mailbox
  2. Mailbox was recently acquired by Dropbox, so you agree that all your mail traffic runs over the Dropbox servers

If you have any problems with this Mailbox is really a must. It’s nice to have not only manages your mail, but also helps to keep your.

your inbox empty an app

Mailbox is free to download from the App Store.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Popular mail app Mailbox launches iPad app -

The innovative mail app Mailbox, a service that the inbox as a big todo-list looks, announced Thursday its iPad app.


, reports The Next Web . Mailbox announced earlier that they were working on an iPad app. iPhone version introduced a queuing system because of the huge populaireit the app.

The company, which was recently acquired by the online storage service Dropbox, little has changed in the original app Mailbox.

iPad app offers Mailbox on the right side a window for viewing and reading emails. On the left is the bar with a list of e-mails where you can also run

the known actions of Mailbox


The swipe you messages as a todo set, mark as completed or archive. The mail changes to the swipe of color and that indicates the action. Critics Mailbox prices because this form of governance and the colors of the interface.

app, which only works in landscape mode, is free to download from the App Store.

By: / Daniel Verlaan

Gold iPad for guests Burj Al Arab hotel - One More Thing

Hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai wants the most luxurious hotel of the world. Therefore, the hotel offers its guests a special service: they may use a 24k gold iPad . The hotel includes iPad apps and does include all virtual concierge service.

Guests at the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai can get information about the hotel. using this 24k gold iPad Restaurants, menus and spa treatments given. Also calls for a butler is an app. The iPads are custom made by the British brand Gold & Co..

Guests are offered a 16 GB iPad gold on loan.

Guests are On arrival, a 16 GB iPad in gold loan.

Cheap is not staying at the hotel. The starting rate for a double room is 1150 euro, but so you really get what. Besides the gold iPad, iMac also includes a as standard in every room.

after use do not want guests without their golden iPad, they can buy it in the store of the hotel. There is only a 64 GB version for sale, it costs a small 8000 euro.

An ideal hotel for the wealthy fanboy so. Do you have a little less money, or you do not necessary a gold iPad with your stay? Then the Fusion Hotel Prague also nice, this hotel is also 100% Apple, but affordable. OMT took a look at the Fusion Hotel earlier and made a video impression:

Mailbox now for iPad -

iPad app Shazam tagging in the background -

Microsoft switches Siri to crack down iPad (video) - MacWorld

Microsoft used in a new commercial the voice of Siri to belittle the iPad. The voice control Apple gives to its own shortcomings, with its own Microsoft Surface tablet praises.

The new commercial is yet another attack on Microsoft competition. So rather a Windows Phone online movie in which the dragon was stabbed with the iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy devices, and Microsoft has already appeared the reliability of Google pulled in another video in question.

In the new Windows 8 Microsoft advertising emphasizes features such as multitasking and the presence of Office and live tiles. Siri tells between such features are not possible on the iPad from Apple. Microsoft decides the video (see below) to raise.

by the price difference between the tablets

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Microsoft cracks iPad with Siri voice -

Photo: Microsoft

In the video, the voice of Siri used to read.

the shortcomings of the iPad over Windows 8 tablets

If Microsoft puts the emphasis on the ability of Windows 8 to multitask, use Office and update through ‘live tiles’. the home screen

Microsoft has in recent months become increasingly fierce against competing companies in its commercials. In April appeared two spots from Microsoft that the company in question pulled or Google it could be trusted.

Recently vercheen also an advertisement for Windows Phone which is a massive brawl between Apple and Samsung fans was shown.

By: / Jeroen Crane

Hotel offers guest golden iPad - Misset Horeca

Hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai offers its guests a special service: they may use a 24k gold iPad. The iPad does include all virtual concierge service.

Hotel offers warm golden iPad

Guests at the luxury hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai can get information about the hotel. using the 24K gold iPad Restaurants, menus, spa treatments, they can call a butler via the tablet et cetera. The iPads were custom made for the hotel by British brand Gold & Co.. If desired, guests can use after buying the iPads.

Gold iPad seems absurd, but guests expect the best of the best at Burj Al Arab. The starting rate for a double room is finally $ 1500.

In October last year the hotel has been stunted by a single tablet of rose gold. With this 24-carat pink iPad the hotel supported the fight against breast cancer. The iPad was engraved with a pink ribbon and the logo of the hotel.

Applijst: 5 power-work smarter with apps for iPhone and iPad -

Useful iPhone tools toolbox Apple performs a strict policy when it comes to the possibilities of iOS apps may use. There is not too much leeway in Apple’s mobile system, which makes it convenient ‘tweaks’ in iOS is not really there. But that does not mean that no useful applications that you are just a little bit faster and smarter to work on your iDevice. iCulture put five super convenient power apps for iOS in a row.

Launch Center Pro: Home for actions

Useful iPhone tools Launch Center Pro Launch Center Pro as a homepage for quick action on the iPhone or iPod touch. The idea of ??developer App Cubby is that the application in your most used apps bar set and start from there for various specific actions that you can set yourself and can arrange them in the app.

You can think of quickly create a photo in Instagram, add a link to Instapaper, straight to your Twitter lists in Tweetbot go directly to a navigation route search or public transport search Google Maps, search for a password 1Password 4 Create a new list in Clear, open Camera + in the burst shooting mode or photo importer from your photo album. On the website of App Cubby is a list of applications that support. Launch Center Pro Look at that particular moment before you buy the app. Launch Center Pro uses commands in applications and not all apps are open before. The limitation of the other apps are the largest limitations Launch Center Pro
Read more about Launch Center Pro on iPhone
Download:.. Launch Center Pro (€ 3.59, iPhone, iOS 5.1 +)

Act Later: push messages with actions

Useful iPhone tools Act Later With Act Later imagine push messages yourself going off on a timed moment. Each push message can you commit to an action that activates when you open wipe it on the lock screen or notificatiebar. There are different types of actions to activate: a preset person call, send a message, mail, open specific website in Safari, open an app, send tweet or use the LED light of the app as a flashlight. You will be the applications do not always need a push message, but it may be useful: for example, Act Later a pretty big stick to every day to send a business tweet example. As a final option you can open an app from a push message, where you have a choice from the range of the app, including GoodReader, Facebook, Navigon, Shazam, Spotify, Tumblr, Tweetbot, Twitter and Twitterrific.

Act Later on iPhone is not optimized for the screen of the iPhone 5. The app does not require the screen size but it is not very fancy
Read more about Act Later on iPhone
Download:.. Later Act (€ 1.79, universal, iOS 5.0 +)

BeamApp: exchange between Mac and iPhone

Useful iPhone tools BeamApp BeamApp is an interesting free application for owners of both an iPhone and Mac. Through the application on both platforms to install, can fast four types infomation sending computer to phone and vice versa: route guidance, music, websites and phone numbers


Mac BeamApp nestles in the system bar at the top picture. The application can show you single scan with the iPhone version of BeamApp. A QR code The devices are then connected and then you can open websites and forwarding links copied from the Mac to the iPhone (and vice versa). If a set route in Google Maps, it is opened in the iPhone Maps app and you can pick one up further – and so it also works with music in iTunes. Enter a phone number and call the iPhone even automatically. The first ten minutes after opening the iPhone app then. That has to do with the restrictions of Apple. An app should not exceed ten minutes so active in the background are in fact working. After ten minutes BeamApp gives the iPhone a push message, and you can still easily open forwarded. Moreover, you can connect multiple devices with BeamApp, including those of friends so
Read more about BeamApp on iPhone
Download: BeamApp (free, iPhone, iOS 5.0.. +)

Bump: documents and photos about boxing

Useful iPhone tools BUMP ‘How can you? “is always a question you hear when you use the ingenious Bump app. If two iPhones have the application installed and are close together, you can with the phone in hand ‘boxing’ together to explain in touch. As in greeting, not as in the martial arts. If you’ve put in touch with each other, you share each other’s virtual business card, but do you open the gate to take pictures to share what each other is really quite simple: select and send. Even you can send documents in this way, through a link with online storage service Dropbox.

Except with other users, Bump also works with your own computer. You go to, press with Bump active with the iPhone the spacebar and magically becomes a link between your phone and the web environment, allowing you to transfer data between computer and iOS.
Read more about Bump on iPhone
Download:. Bump (free, iPhone, iOS 4.3 +)

TextExpander: clever lyrics prepare

Useful iPhone tools TextExpander The iPhone makes itself possible abbreviations to enter and then you get another text image. For example, you set ‘mvg’ always yields ‘Sincerely’. The iPhone app TextExpander builds as well on further. In the application, you can not just words or even sentences, but even whole paragraphs and all standard Mails you can quickly copy all iPhone apps. Within the app If applications TextExpander support – here you can see the app list – you can even complete formatted texts continue

TextExpander also gives space to make the copied text variables. Copy a command like ‘ ddate ‘ and you get the current date automatically entered in a text example. An ideal tool if you often extensive mails sent from the iPhone. And an additional pro-tip: the app even works with Launch Center Pro, making the circle again
Read more about TextExpander on iPhone
Download.. : TextExpander (€ 4.49, universal, iOS 5.1 +)

PlusPacks KPN to the iPad -

Logitech Launches wired keyboard for iPad - Tablets Magazine

Logitech wired keyboard ipadLogitech launches wired keyboard for the iPad

Logitech already has a large number keyboards , in all shapes, sizes and colors, put on the market since the launch of the iPad. However, all these keyboards have one thing in common: they are wireless. That is now changing with the introduction of the Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad.

Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad

Unlike previously launched keyboards beschikt this accessory a cable connecting the coupling with an iPad made. The accessory is equipped with both a lightning-like 30 pin connector and can therefore be connected to any previously launched iPads. According to Logitech’s new keyboard is ideal for schools where it is difficult for teachers to connect diverse. Tablets and wireless keyboards With a cable will connect quickly and easily. Moreover, you do not suffer from dead batteries in the keyboard.

The keyboard itself is full-size and therefore according to Logitech comfortable to use, for example, editing documents. On the keyboard are located next to the standard QWERTY keys also dedicated keys for shortcuts in iOS. So you can use a button directly to the home screen, you can activate voice assistant Siri and you can quickly switch between applications. Logitech has the accessory say with a special ‘spill-resistant’ design so you can keep.

the whole clean easy to own

Price and Availability

Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad is currently only launched in the U.S. and there should be bought for a price of $ 59.99. Whether and when the keyboard to the Netherlands is not yet known.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Flickr and Vimeo get 'spot' on iPhone and iPad" - De Gelderlander - De Gelderlander


image Photographer: ANP

SAN FRANCISCO – After Twitter and Facebook seems now to Vimeo and Flickr a special place reserved in Apple’s mobile operating system iOS


According to 9to5Mac adds the ability to iOS 7 to “let intertwined.” the two services with the system Users get a result from any menu to access the services.

Cooperation That
Flickr one of the services mentioned, it is not a total surprise. The photo site is owned by Yahoo and CEO Marissa Mayer of that company has recently announced to want to cooperate with Apple. Now it so that Yahoo provides the information for the built and fair weather apps in iOS. Yahoo also provides data for Apple’s voice assistant Siri.

The choice Vimeo would have something to do with the fight against Google. With introduction of iOS 6 Apple discharged as YouTube and Google Maps pre-installed applications. For cards Apple itself came with an application, a video alternative was not yet. You may now use Apple Vimeo wants to fill that gap. YouTube is already quite a while to download in the App Store.

The Gelderlander © 2013, This article is copyrighted.


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iPad 5: Production begins in July - Alpha Audio - Alpha Audio

NEWS – The production of the upcoming iPad 5 starts to say all in July. The new iPad is of course lighter and thinner than the current generation. id=”more-15961″/>

iPad_5 When the new iPad is five in the store, we do not know. It will not be long after the start of the production. Particularly to the iPad 5 is thinner glass and the new touch technology: GF2. Because of this new technique, the glass can be thinner than in the IPAD 4.

iPad 5 A7X get a processor that is obviously faster than the current soc that Apple uses for the 4. As the clock is going to be, we dare not say.

Apple continues fairly close to 4: the camera is the same as the retina screen LG, Samsung and Sharp produce for Apple


About the Author: Jaap Veenstra

Freelance writer for various IT and audio magazines, music freak, crazy hi-fi, htpc fan, streaming fanatic and founder of alpha and alpha brings new app for iPhone and iPad from - new iPhone app 2013 The Dutch tech-lifestyle magazine and blog has a new app for the iPhone and iPad released. It is a newly appeared in the App Store application that replaces the previous application, and therefore all projects above version 4.0. The new application created by 24/ and designed by Studio Lowman looks a lot more modern than before, with lots of white and light gray. In a sliding menu on the left, you approach known as the categories Uitpakparty, explained Party, videos and Eye Candy.

The app fills the screen and even leaves no room for the top of the screen time given. That helps the app to give you that top in a white bar for the category name in the picture below will show and scroll between messages that are announced. With great photos and their heads are sleek appearance In new sections are also introductory lines of text under a photo to a message, and with a blue balloon you can see the number of responses. Messages can react immediately in an inviting large text box below the text, but you do need to have signed. Text has been carried out in a round point.

Bright main left iPhone app  Bright index news iPhone

You can scroll the scroll menu on the left to turn for items you wish to allow. messages push notifications You’ll have the choice of all the news, breaking news and permanent categories of the website of the magazine.

Download: (free, universal, iOS 5.0 +)