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Colorful keyboard folios of Logitech for iPad - (Blog)

orig_Folio_Mars Red Logitech introduces a new keyboard accessory for the iPad: the Logitech Keyboard Skin Fabric Folio for iPad, the keyboard in the case is processed. The new keyboard folio for the iPad is available in four different contrasting colors and quality materials to protect the go. The front and back of the iPad The wide range of colors and materials ensures that users can choose the protection that suits their personal style.

“During the development we combined the characteristics of high fashion designs with a pleasant typing experience, providing consumers with their iPad protection can give a personal touch,” says Mike Culver, vice president of brand development for tablet accessories at Logitech. “The Skin Fabric Logitech Keyboard Folio offers more than just protection for your iPad. The tablet gives you a distinctive character, so it is to match your personal style. “


Cooperation with top designers
Logitech has for the design worked with top designers to combine a sleek design. upscale materials and bold colors The result is a product line in the color Electric Blue, Urban Grey, Mars Red Orange and Carbon Black. In addition, different materials, such as matte leather and finely woven cotton.

Integrated keyboard
The Logitech Keyboard Skin Fabric Folio is a Bluetooth keyboard that is fully integrated into the inside of the cover. The full-size keys give a typing experience as users are accustomed to a regular keyboard, but in a sleek, new look. The nano coating on the outside has a waterproof function. Concealed magnets hold the folio tightly closed, so the iPad is protected route. By opening the folio is activated and put the tablet by connecting into hibernation. In addition, the magnets ensure that the iPad remains in type mode.

Price and availability
The Logitech Keyboard Skin Fabric Folio for iPad is available for 149.99 euros. since May 2013 For more information on the website or blog of Logitech International.

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