Sunday, April 21, 2013

4-year-old girl in therapy for iPad Addiction - Yahoo! News

Children playing more than happy with the gadgets of their parents. But an English toddler made it very furry. She was so obsessed with the iPad from her parents that she is now under treatment by a therapist.

According to The Daily Mail the 4-year-old girl less than four hours per day was busy with the tablet. The worried parents finally called the help of a psychologist.

According to the psychologist’s distraught mother called him and described the symptoms. “She said her daughter an obsession for the tablet had developed and constantly asked. When the iPad was taken away she became upset and inconsolable.”

The girl is not the only addict toddler, by far, the newspaper writes. According to a survey shows half of parents with their children at the electronic devices play. One in seven parents let their child even more than four hours a day to play with.

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