Thursday, April 11, 2013

Timer.: Multitask with timers on iPhone and iPad -

Timer. iPhone iPad It sounds a bit strange, but there are few apps as timeless on the iPhone as timers. Applications with countdowns and stopwatches have been around since the existence of the App Store and still its coming barely slowed. Timer. Free is a new player in the market, conducted in Dutch. You can set various timers simultaneously with it, and also may include subtasks per timer input. Thus, the application is useful for example multitask in the kitchen.

By default timer. Free all five examples for you to put a row, so you get a good first impression of the app. You can choose from three views: a timer with all subtasks on a page, a list containing all tasks among each other and a page with all timers a nd app icons next to and above each other. In each list you can see a pink circle that a timer is running, a green is not activated. Top each timer you can see the description of the last subtask and how long it is running. A pink status bar helps you a quick indication if the time to read long. Obviously, the data which is evident on the larger iPad screen.

Timer. multitask with timers iPhone Timer. Free iPhone subtasks

Any task that automatically expires, sounds a tone and displays a message. Then begins the next subtask within a timer. Everything will change automatically without having to worry about. A timer with subtimers add is no trouble, nor edit. You can insert the names, times and each subtask of the overall timer and you choose an alarm sound. In the settings you indicate whether the iPhone in standby must fall or not.

Timer. Free is the just-released free download version of something unreleased Timer .. The free version allows after awhile advertising bottom picture in the full version, you do not to do.

Download: Timer. Free (free with advertising, universal, iOS 5.0 +)
Download: Timer. (€ 0.89, universal, iOS 5.0 +)

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