Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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 By Richard Schouw , Wednesday, April 24, 2013 17:25, views: 1988, source: Made4Phones

the ESaver iConnect Home Control Starter Kit can lights and electronics connected remotely on or off. Using iPhone or iPad to your devices such as television, printer and game console controlled remotely. This starter according to the automaker’s first step towards a smart home, help you save by stopping slumber power energy. The system can be operated with a free app.

iConnect starter kit consists of the gateway and four on / off sockets. The gateway is connected with the supplied LAN cable to your wireless router. By downloading the iOS application are the on / off sockets and other sensors to add. The iConnect socket is a connector between the socket and the plug of the unit is to be placed. This is to be coupled to the one-time iConnect gateway, after which a turn on or off the linked products directly.

ESaver iConnect system can be expanded with various sensors to monitor wind, temperature, humidity and energy. Thanks to the free download ESaver iConnect application shows all information and control via iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

are electronic equipment and lamps


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