Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Loewe Individual TV launches with iPad integration - Hardware.Info

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Loewe TV expands its range with three new models. This Individual devices are equipped with an integrated hard disk recorder, Smart TV apps and iPad integration features.

The LCD panels used for the new 40, 46 and 55 inch models support both 2D and 3D (based on active shutter glasses). The TVs are also equipped with two 40W speakers and an integrated multi-channel sound decoder which you can connect external speakers and built copies as center use.

Most striking, however, the integration of new media are Loewes. Thus, the Individual models equipped with the Smart TV platform, MediaNet, TV apps and web services like Facebook and Twitter. The TVs also support HbbTV (in some countries) and can be connected via LAN, wireless or powerline.

The built-in 750GB HDD

allows TV programs and movies to record, while at other Loewe TVs in your home can stream. The “follow me” feature makes it possible thereby a TV channel in the living room to pause and in the bedroom to look.

Loewe has also worked hard to integrate Apple’s eco system, and particularly the iPad. The Assist Media app for iPad is not just a remote control, but also a full TV guide. In addition, you can use the Assist Media app MediaNet operate and recordings leaves.

As said, the Individual televisions as 40, 46 and 55 inch models on the market, noting that retail prices are not yet available benefits.


Assist Media app

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