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Ten iPad schools open doors in August -

There are at least ten in August 2013 called iPad schools open. All students will be equipped with an iPad and get a different way of teaching.

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Education for New Time (O4NT) Monday. The initiative includes Gallup, was launched in March 2012.

Meanwhile, there are ten primary schools agreed to in August the lesmodel to throw. Two schools in Sneek and Breda go completely around and other schools in Almere, Amstelveen, Amsterdam, Emmen Bernisse and perform some of O4NT by.

“In any case, each child in these schools have your own iPad, parents contribute to the community that the school is in school and is in addition to the core objectives also worked on skills that are needed in this century: among Another innovation, creativity, flexibility and team work, “writes the organization.


The use of tablets and educational apps, new skills are learned. For schools that do to his attendance at school is additionally not the whole day. Also a fixed local and private teachers are no longer on the agenda.

The school must be open from 7:30 to 18:30, but students are not bound by such school.


In recent months O4NT received financial support from companies like Vodafone. This makes money available for parents who can not afford an iPad for their children to pay.

“In addition to the ten schools next school year to go, has O4NT promising discussions with school boards across the country. expected there in August 2014 for many more children O4NT school by bike.”

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