Monday, April 22, 2013

'IPad 5-back design allows iPad mini show' - Tablets Magazine

see ipad5coveriPad 5 back design allows iPad mini

Case Manufacturer Tactus has a photo of the alleged back of the iPad 5 published. The fifth generation iPad would like the iPad mini get the same thin aluminum casing.

That Tactus

reports in a blog post. Although there is no way to verify the authenticity of the photo on the back is very similar to the rumors that are five known about the iPad at the moment. The most important and reliable rumor is confirmed by the photo again: the fifth-generation iPad will look the same as the current iPad mini


The new iPad 5 is, if we are to believe the picture slightly smaller than the current 9.7-inch iPads, but the new generation iPad will probably keep the same screen size. In addition, the iPad 5 are a lot thinner than the current iPad the new IGZO screen technology. IGZO displays are thinner and more energy efficient than current screens that Apple uses in its products. According Tactus, the new iPad 5 by the IGZO technology can be.

7.2 millimeters thick butEarlier

showed a possible iPad 5-case already see a slimmer design. Apple to new ways is looking to make the next generation iPad even thinner is no longer a secret. There would also be some pictures of the iPad 5 have surfaced, but this rumor is – like all other rumors – unconfirmed


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