Saturday, April 13, 2013

Open zip files on iPad -

Summary: More and more people are using their iPad as if their PC is: to mail, surfing and typing documents. But with zip archives to go, you need an app.

Zip Browser is a free app that is easy to use. There is also a paid app, but actually all the basic functions already available in the free version.

If you have a zip file as attachment gets redirected, can you open your finger on the attachment and keep ‘Zip Browser “option from the menu. You can then browse the archive file, view its files and send it to other people through the mail menu.

The interface is simple and at times a bit unclear. For some functions, it is difficult to see how they work. But once you understand everything, the app works properly.

If you do not have that app open zip files Zip Browser is a good option. The app has an easy shortcut to email, has additional options to sort files and store and has a handy menu to everything you do in the app receives repackaging.

The app is free to pick the App Store.

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