Friday, April 12, 2013

"IPhone and iPad delayed by new technology '- Techzine

Ming-Chi Kuo has told AppleInsider indicated that Apple’s problems in the development and production of new iPad and iPhone, which are to be announced later this year. There are various causes for the problems that Apple needs to overcome. The problems, however, that the iPhone 5S, budget iPhone and iPad Mini with Retina display the original planning was not it.

Kuo has in the past proved very reliable. So did the man include the arrival of the MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina first to confirm, as the deletion of the 17-inch version of the MacBook Pro. Other issues such as details about new iPods and iPads were always correct, this record is Kuo a reliable source to mention.

Apple faces in developing a new iPhone problems in integrating a fingerprint reader under the home button which previously rumored. The reader will probably be used to the owner of the phone to identify using the phone and digital payments. Finding the right coating for this reader gives Apple but headaches.

The new iPad mini also poses problems, because Apple Retina display on the tablet wants to add. That intention creates challenges in production. The problems do not end there, because the expected budget iPhone Apple wants backtracking on a plastic enclosure, which poses difficulty in the design. Apple wants the enclosure is thinner than usual in the competition, but will certainly not much compromise on durability of the product.

When we can expect new products is unclear, Apple sends invitations for presentations only recently in advance. Maybe the delay Apple not so bad, because the software side of the iOS products would be delays.


mini Apple iPad 16GB Wi-Fi

Available from: 319 euro
Display diagonal: 200.7 mm (7.9 “) – Resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels – Operating System: iOS 6 – Built-in camera: Y – Main camera resolution: 5 MP – Second camera: Y – Processor Model: A5 – Total storage capacity: 16 GB


Retina Apple iPad Wi-Fi 16GB +

Available from: 440 euro
Display diagonal: 246.4 mm (9.7 “) – Resolution: 2048 x 1536 pixels – Operating System: iOS 6 – Built-in camera: Y – Main camera resolution: 5 MP – Second camera: Y – Processor model: – Processor number of cores: 2 – Total storage capacity: 16 GB

 Apple iPhone 5 16GB

Apple iPhone 5 16GB

Available from: 604 euro
Display diagonal: – Resolution: 1136 x 640 pixels – Weight: 112 g – Internal storage capacity: 16 GB – Mobile operating system provided: iOS – Processor Model: A6 – Processor clock speed:

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