Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes on iPhone and iPad released -

Lego Batman DC Super Heroes iPad header Superheroes storm the touchscreen. This morning came Iron Man 3 for the iPhone and iPad, and earlier this month we have fought with Superman, Batman, Robin, Green Lantern and more Injustice: Gods Among Us. That game took advantage of the comic book heroes of DC Comics and the same group will return to the now released Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes. You can be up to 80 characters and superheroes play in an adventure game is shrouded in a Lego sauce.

Lego Batman and Catwoman next iPhone Lego Batman: DC Superheroes came earlier from a variety of platforms, including the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3D S. It is the portable version that served as a donor for the game on the iPhone and iPad. Which was criticized because he did not have the large open game world of the big brothers, but was still nice reviews because he had the co-op mode for two players on board. This function is unfortunately killed in the iOS version. What remains is a story mode for a player with a great replayability. In Lego games you play the first time with the heroes you play according to the story, but you can replay each level with all the characters you have collected. That makes for great additional features because of the specialties of the heroes.

Thus, for example, a Batman Batarang which he can reach higher places, Superman is equipped with its freezing breath and heat vision and Robin in a hazard suit ? Who carries a gun to opponents from a distance have vigorously. Lego Batman DC Super Heroes was the first Lego game where the characters talked, and that is put into the iOS version. It helps that the game is up to 1.33 gigabytes large. The YouTube account Touch Gameplay placed an impression of thick playing 40 minutes of the game:

Lego Batman DC Super Heroes can control in two ways. You can choose a traditional design with virtual buttons and stick in a virtual image, but also have a touch-option as an alternative where you tap more and wipes. If you are accustomed Lego games on TV, you will need some time to switch. The camera is much closer to the action on the iPhone and iPad, shows the characters more than the environment. The disadvantage is that the action feels a bit slower.

Like other Lego games, is also DC Super Heroes fun in a second session of play in one level. Or perhaps a third, if you have all the right buttons below the characters and thus get to know all the secrets of a level. Game Center achievements have behind the door give a lot to play. The latest Lego should perhaps not as works by the lack of cooperation mode be laughable if the big brothers, it’s a game you can play for a long time


Download: Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes (€ 4.49, universal, iOS 5.1 +)

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