Monday, April 22, 2013

Update for RTV Noord apps (iPhone / iPad) - RTV Noord

Posted: 17:07 pm, Monday, April 22, 2013


free apps of RTV Noord on Monday received an update. There are several new enhancements that make it possible to follow on your mobile or tablet.

the news and programs of RTV Noord betterset
A major adjustment for all apps

Font is the ability to set the text of our articles. larger letters That was a request from especially the older users of the app and people who can see. Difficult

New sections
Also new is a “flexible section”. At this moment in this news Cutest Village of Groningen, but this can be changed by the editors without having to download an update. Thus we themes or events better and faster give an actual place. Incidentally, all of our projects such as “Here or Doar” and “Always the Bobbin” now also be found in the apps in the category “Also on North”.

More adjustments Mobile
For the mobile user will change even more. Thus Broadcast now also increase Missed now got its own place in the mobile apps (including archives) and you can take pictures and slideshows to full screen.

Download (Android coming soon)
The update is now available for download from the App Store for iPhone and iPad. The update for Android Mobile and Tablet unfortunately leaves little longer in coming, but follows within two to three weeks

Questions and comments
short.?’s Apps RTV Noord got a nice update. We hope you can keep all the news and information from our province. Thus better informed Have questions about this update or about our apps? Send an email to

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