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Less profit despite rising sales for Apple iPhone and iPad - NU.nl

Apple has in the past three months again iPhones and iPads sold more than the same period a year ago. Growth in iPhone sales took a little lower than usual. Also, the company recorded for the first time in years less profit.

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This is evident from the presentation of the figures for the second quarter of the year off from Apple. The period is approximately equal to the first quarter of calendar year 2013.

In total there were 37.4 million iPhones over the counter in January, February and March. That’s less than the 47.8 million in the last three months of 2012, but compared to the same quarter a year ago, it means an increase. In the second quarter of fiscal 2012 were 35.1 million iPhones sold.

same time, sales of iPads rose sharply from 11.8 to 19.5 million. Growth in the iPadverkoop is mainly due to growth in the Chinese market. There were slightly fewer Macs are sold, just under 4 million.

Move the cursor over the line to see the numbers . The data comes from Apple. View a larger version. – (C) NU.nl / Jerry Warn


CEO Tim Cook explains during the presentation that the profit unpack lower because 2012 was a particularly good year. “We recognize that our growth and falling margins are slightly lower than the huge margins in 2012,” said Cook. He states that last year was a particularly high demand and there was unique low cost.

Apple has deliberately opted for a relatively low price for the Apple iPad Mini making less profit per book sold tablet. Cook also talked about possible new products.

Apple announced that there are now more than 45 billion apps downloaded from the App Store, which is more than $ 9 billion paid out to developers.

Turnover and profit

turnover means a record for the second quarter, but the profit is lower than a year ago. When net profit stood at 11.6 billion versus $ 9.5 billion now. It is the first profit decline in years. Turnover rose from 39 billion to $ . 43.6 billion Apple now has $ 145 billion in cash.

With that money, the company plans to buy stock through an extension of the share buyback program until the end of 2015. $ 100 billion back Also, the dividend to shareholders increased by 15 percent.

Move the cursor over the line to see the amount . The data comes from Apple. View a larger version. – (C) NU.nl / Jerry Warn

The price of Apple has fallen sharply in recent weeks. Cook mentions that during the presentation ‘frustrating’. “Apple remains a strong brand and most importantly keeps making innovative products. Where we have direct control over.” The CEO of Apple also claims that the company focuses on the long term and that both the smartphone and tablet market look rosy.

Apple made known sales expectations for the current quarter that were lower than expected. The revenue would be between 33.5 and dollars. 35.5 billion A year ago, sales in the third quarter of fiscal year 35 billion dollars. That would mean a stagnation or decline in sales.

By: NU.nl / Colin Angle

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