Monday, April 15, 2013

Exam Guide: make mock exams with app for iPhone and iPad -

Exam Guide iPhone iPad It takes another month. Then find the first school exam held on 13 May, which begins to Dutch VWO, HAVO kicks off with Management & Organization and VMBO group on French. If exam student will thus pretty much in the starting blocks for a large amount of material to take possession, and therefore the timing of the iPhone and iPad app Exam Guide excellent. The new Dutch application of Tim Elsloo put the exams of previous years in a row, at every level and for each subject. So you can already practice.

Exam Guide works as expected. You choose the level of education VWO, HAVO or VMBO TL and select the courses that you want to test exams. Then a test beam prepared and you see the exam in chronological order under each other, at the date of the exam.

For most exams you can choose from examinations of 2012, 2011, 2010 and occasionally 2009. Once a test page, you can use tabs at the top to switch between the first and second period of an exam. You see the commands separately mounted under each other and the number of points for which they stand. A bit confusing is that below under the heading ‘More’ text belonging to the orders sees. The Annex is say the reading section, where you scroll horizontally to the next pages. It had been more logical to ask directly behind the commands to let go, maybe. Now you need to switch so that you soon will be inclined to the printer feature allows you to print wirelessly via AirPrinter. On the iPad read the texts obviously finer than the compact phone display.

Exam Guide iPhone boxes in bundle Exam Guide period geography iOS

Exam Guide is helpful in preparing for the great test of each box, but on points still somewhat clearer. We advise you to start immediately all the boxes to select you have, so that the correct volume is created. The subsequent complement or refine the beam, did to us what instruction and will only be resolved when the app via the multitasking bar shut down and restart. Yet the application well priced, given the automatic calendar function of your exams and the amount of exams that you can try.

Download: Exam Guide (€ 1.79, universal, iOS 4.3 +)

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