Thursday, April 18, 2013

Neo-Plug gives your iPhone or iPad a magnet charger -

Neo-Plug Apple’s Lightning connector in the iPhone 5 makes it easier to stabbing, because he can in two separate ways. cable into your iPhone This solution is not only ideal if you want to connect the charger. With one hand or with your eyes on the road while driving Kickstarter project Neo-plug will solve this, give. Through your iPhone a magnet charger You put a special plug in your iPhone connector, then you can connect. A modified cable

Use a Neo-Plug, then it works the charging of your iPhone like the adapter such as a Mac. Because you use magnets to hold the cable is the chance of breakage according to the makers also a lot smaller. In a hard pull on the cable because he pulled soon. Yo u can use a Neo-Plug do everything that you normally can with an iPhone charging cable. That is, the magnetic cables support both charging and data synchronization. Would you not use the magnets, you can remove them from the iPhone with an included tool. The adapter seems to be, it is quite closely in the iPhone connector so we do not know how easy that will go.

a Kickstarter donation of $ 40 you get sent to a Neo-Plug your choice. You can choose from a magnetic adapter for the connection of the Lightning iPad mini, iPhone 5 and iPod touch fifth generation, but there is also a Neo-Plug for 30-pin cables available. The money will be taken first to a successful Kickstarter project. Whether that will happen we dare not say, because with a target amount of $ 167,000, the makers have very high stakes.

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