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Quarterly figures Apple second quarter 2013: iPad still popular - Tablets Magazine

quarterly Apple Apple 2013Kwartaalcijfers second quarter 2013: iPad still popular

Last night, Apple announced quarterly results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2012/2013, the quarter ended March 30, 2013. around 23:00 Dutch time Although frequently seemed lately like Apple very bad to perform is have the exact figures yet (again) proved the contrary.

Apple figures generally

Most information can be found in this piece is of course the iPad specific. We do our best to Tablets Magazine to be natural as possible. But for the sake of completeness it is of course very interesting to also equally sharing.

the overall picture
  • Apple’s revenues: $
  • 43.6 billion

  • Apple’s profit: dollars
  • 9.5 billion

  • Number of iPhones sold: 37.4 million
  • Number of iPads sold: 19.5 million
  • Number of Macs sold: 3.95 million
  • Turnover iTunes / App Store: Dollar
  • 4.1 billion

iPad sales and sales – y / y changes

sales and sales iPadKwartaalcijfers Apple second quarter 2013: iPad still popular

Apple has sold in their second quarter of 2013 as many as 19.5 million iPads. These sales are responsible for a turnover of some $ . 8.7 billion Compared with the same quarter of 2012, the number of iPads sold has increased by 65 percent and revenue growth is 40 percent. It is almost superfluous to mention but Apple has more iPads than ever sold compared to the same quarters in previous years.

Compared with the previous quarter

Although not the best method is to measure it seems similar to the previous quarter, an increasingly popular way to be. Of course, you know that Q1 is the quarter where both the holidays (Christmas / Santa Claus: Presents) in it and sometimes new product announcements take place (this year iPad mini)


  • 2011: -36% and -38% sales units
  • 2012: -24% and -28% sales units
  • 2013 : -15% and -18% sales units

Despite frantic messages on the Internet is the difference between the previous quarter and the current quarter smaller than in ever. The ‘reduction’ in demand compared to gifts season is therefore entirely along.

Average price


The iPad 1 is replaced at one point reached by the iPad 2 and the sale. Then Apple iPad 2 continue to offer, even after arrival of the iPad 3 and even the iPad 4 . In the previous quarter, there is then also added the iPad mini . Cheaper and smaller version of Apple’s iPad The graph shows that the average selling price of iPads is on the decrease. From $ 662 to $ 449 at launch in the last quarter. This reflects not only the success of the iPad mini but also means that the iPad more and more people an affordable option.

gem sell apple Apple quarterly second quarter 2013: iPad still popular

Revenue from the iTunes / App Store

Apple has since last year reporting the turnover achieved from sales from the iTunes App Store and slightly adjusted. This change is the information we have about previous quarters not quite complete. I have only the information that Apple itself after the adjustment and associated recalculation has released included in my chart again. In addition to revenue from the App Store and iTunes Store are also income from licensing deals for eg lightning products and AppleCare included in the figures.

Yet it is clear to see that revenue is growing in this area, which can be just as well for developers, consumers and Apple itself.

very good news interpreted

There are currently 850,000 apps including 350,000 apps for iPad on the App Store. Apple has paid a total of $ 9 billion to developers. A total of 45 billion app downloads and unique, new apps downloaded at a rate of 800 apps per second (!).

Apple’s press release:

37.4 Million iPhones Sold, 19.5 Million iPads Sold

CUPERTINO, California-April 23, 2013-Apple ® today Announced financial results for its fiscal 2013 second quarter ended March 30, 2013. The Company posted quarterly revenue of $ 43.6 billion and net quarterly profit of $ 9.5 billion, or $ 10.09 per diluted share. These results compare to revenue of $ 39.2 billion and net profit of $ 11.6 billion, or $ 12.30 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter. Gross margin was 37.5 percent Compared to 47.4 percent in the year-ago quarter. International sales Accounted for 66 percent of the quarter’s revenue.

The rest of Apple’s press release of course you can read on the website of Apple itself. There you will find more information about Apple’s increase in the dividend, buy back shares and more.

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