Sunday, November 17, 2013

House Plan for iPhone and iPad replaces graph paper -

House Plan-iphone Renovation? Otherwise decorating your living room? Often you grab to graph paper. But why there is really no substitute yet contemporary, which is digital? Graph Paper you can drag? Your heart with toilets, lounges and kitchen units A search for “graph paper” to nothing in the App Store. The English ‘graph paper’ leads mainly to mathematical apps. And you look at the interior apps, you are often too complicated 3D models with wood structures and sky view. While you just want to make a sketch. On graph paper The app House Plan is the solution to your problem.

Behind the somewhat unsightly icon is a handy app best hidden. You get a sheet to see you with a finger the size of the drawing room. Graph paper Then you drag tables, chairs, sofas, bathtubs, beds, sinks and even cars, if you had planned for a garage. There are also umbrellas, corner toilets, spiral staircases and doors that open in all directions. You start with the walls, doors and windows. Then slide furniture, everything is where you can customize.

at a later stage

house plan ipad House Plan is available for iPhone and iPad, the iPad version obviously better come into his own. Are you in the construction and doubt about your size, it is convenient to the iPhone app with maps of all rooms to have on hand. You can create separate plans for living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms, but it’s also possible to set. The app offices, work rooms, classrooms, hotel rooms and canteens For the design of the app stores is less suitable because it is used. Standard elements Like the light is important, then you can put a compass needle to the north in the drawing. Distances can indicate in meters and feet and you can save your design as JPG, PNG, PDF or native format FPL. Forward them to others via email is also not a problem, possibly also via Facebook or Twitter. Because of rooms to assign labels to the thickness and curvature of elements such as walls and adapt to rotate you exactly charting your home if you want.

House Plan shows that a relatively simple problem (need graph paper ‘) actually has hardly been resolved by the appmakers. There are thousands of apps with photo filter gently and apps to share experiences with friends but for a practical problem that millions of people from time to time encounter should you look a little longer. Do you want to sync via iCloud and print maps, you will need to buy.’s House Plan Pro version for iPad


  • House Plan Pro (€ 5.99, iPad, iOS 5.0 +)
  • House Plan Lite (free, iPad, iOS 5.0 +
  • House Plan for iPhone (free, iPhone, iOS 5.0 +)

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