Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hands-on: iPad mini 2 - Emerce

He is provisionally scantily supplied by Apple: the iPad mini with retina display. For now only available at the online store of Apple and a select number of dealers. Emerce tried it out.

iPad mini pad which was launched against the advice of the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, a year ago was an instant success. He seemed even just to cannibalize. Sale of the 9.7-inch iPad However, the Sun was not even that, special model: the first version did not have high-resolution retina display and was compared to its big brother is not very fast (no A6 chip, but A5). But he was a lot thinner and lighter.

The second version is much more like a small version of the big iPad Air: He is only 7.4 mm thick, but comes with full retina display (2,048 x 1,536 pixels), a fast 64-bit processor and M7-A7 coprocessor. The back is no longer, Äògoedkoop, Äô plastic, but aluminum. This makes it slightly heavier than its predecessor, although only 331 grams. Also, the camera, AOS are equal to the ipad Air.

The small difference is a slightly lower clock speed of 1.3 GHz. This is presumably done in order to limit the heat. Development And in the trade press has been an ongoing discussion about the color range that would be on the iPad. Mini slightly less extensive A grumbler who pay attention. It is simply amazing that the iPad mini despite less surface yet delivers the same performance as the larger iPad. Because you make everything: compute-intensive program, AOS as GarageBand (music with more than thirty tracks) run without any hitch


There is also much better sound from the iPad mini than you’d expect, though there are unfortunately no stereo speakers. Well, of course, can be connected to a stereo headphone.

Apple continues in many ways to keep the lead when it comes to tablets. An important advantage over many other smaller (Android) tablets is pleasant screen format that can be easily viewed. Easily both in length and width Many 7-inch tablets are thinner and thus actually use. Especially in portrait mode

iPad mini is compact for it to take, but who travel mainly want to use it at home on the couch in front of the tube, or AOS evening in bed, better go for the larger screen. This may also apply to (just do not wear glasses) users by age: the letters are really a lot smaller


The iPad mini will cost 389 euros for the 16GB WiFi version. Similar models with a SIM card are much more expensive: from 509 euro


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