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App of the week 47: Dayframe, make a picture frame on your phone or tablet - Android World

The app of the week, this time an application from your phone or tablet is a picture frame, a very special photo frame. Dayframe is full of features and settings.



tablets are sometimes not used for a while, because it take less with you than a phone. Then it is beautiful and expensive device but waiting for action in a corner. With the application Dayframe we give the tablet (or phone) to do something useful: we can transform it into a digital picture frame



Dayframe The application has many possibilities to send different images to the screen when it is for instance the charger. After you have installed the application, you can select directly from any source you want to get the pictures. In my case that Instagram. If you have given to give your Insta-photos back Dayframe permission can you select what additional streams with photos and you’re done.


This app of the week is full of settings. A good one is that you can specify the time zone the application should be active. There you can also specify another instance in which period you want to show. Your Facebook photos Additionally, you can also say that the app joining a battery percentage of 15% and less the application must close in order to save.


When you set up the app, you can choose from three sources, but there are many more where you can choose from. Besides Instagram, Google+, you also have the choice of including Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter and several more. There is also a section where you can discover that contain photos that you would never see.

otherwise nice streams


If you have pictures of social networks you can choose to display the message. whether or not weather When you use the app purely as a screensaver then it might be fun to turn.

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The application is completely free to download from the Play Store for nothing. There will come a paid version where you can create. Include playlists In the future, a Daydream integration (a feature of Android 4.2) is likely to come in this application.

Would you try this app, you can download it via the link below.

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