Saturday, November 23, 2013

Apple teaches you to live with an iPad - One More Thing

iPad is an ideal companion to the first cup of coffee in the morning, to webshopping or sofa opinions on Twitter and Facebook for the last show on # to check. TVOH Just as Apple was using the tablet features.

What Apple did not foresee is that the iPad is also used in many other ways. To show how the iPad can make in the lives of all people and businesses, an unexpected contribution Apple has made the Web Life On iPad.

Life On iPad in six cases.

Life On iPad in six cases.

We see how the iPad is used to determine for a wijgaard in California and as a real ‘show bible’ during dance classes for a Broadway musical. proper classification and soil conditions The iPad also appears to have found for outdoor applications, relies way during a race over rugged terrain a Rally Team on the iPad with MotionX GPS HD.

Another application that is reflected in the cases on the Apple site, the iPad as a tool during liver surgery, has passed it earlier on this website. All cases include a detailed textual description and video. Do you use your iPad in a special way?

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