Monday, November 25, 2013

North Korean tablet launched with illegal version Angry Birds Rio - All About Phones

Al previously written about here, developed by North Korea itself Android Tablet, which was once a prototype has been unveiled. Now the tablet officially launched, and there appears to be a pirated version of Angry Birds Rio to get up.

The tablet is not very interesting. The hardware of the 7-inch device offers 1GB RAM, 4GB of internal memory and much more is not known. That there Angry Birds Rio and that is remarkable.

The embargo prohibits most businesses worldwide to do business with North Korea. Matters It seems highly unlikely that the Finnish Rovio, the creator and maker of Angry Birds, a version of his game has come.

So the North Koreans that game should be illegal to be put. It may be called ruled that Rovio ever spending a penny of the North Koreans will receive.

Incidentally, it is also unlikely that there is much to do on the tablet is because the free internet is not accessible in North Korea. Like some sort of intranet that tight. It is held by the communist rulers in the eye

North Korean tablet with illegal version Angry Birds Rio launched north korea tablet computers Samjiyon 600x400 The North Korean tablet that was shown last year.

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