Monday, November 18, 2013

Wise Button: versatile remote control for iPhone and iPad -

Wise Button The Wise Button is a remote control for your iPhone or iPad, which combines a few ideas of other accessories. The device can operate, navigate through music or flicking through a photo gallery. Shutter button of your iPhone from a distance Can not find the paired iOS device, you can press a button to activate an alarm. Noise A similar system let the Wise Button also look through its iPhone app.

The Wise Button app is also when the Wise Button more than 20 feet (about 6 meters) of you is removed. At that time, an alarm will sound to you to indicate that you forget the iPhone – or it might be stolen. Do you have several things that you like to keep an eye on in this way it is also possible to order. A corresponding sticker This can, for example, a wallet or a purse paste.

A donation of at least $ 27 will ensure a Wise Button. The corresponding stickers can be ordered by donating $ 17 and it is possible to donate for a combined package. Dollars 37 Higher donations assure you of alternative designs or more stickers. It is a ‘flexible campaign’, which means that the creators receive money regardless of whether the project achieves its minimum.

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