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Veronica TV Guide now favorites, alerts and tablet layout - Android World

Veronica TV Guide is a household name in the world of TV guides. Previously users Androidworld have helped with testing the smartphone application. The tablet application is tested and feedback provided by the AW-users, and this is to download a number of interesting new features.

from now

Veronica TV Guide

Veronica TV Guide is completely renewed tablet area, making the layout is much more suitable for large screens. The opening screen has the same structure known for the smartphone version, a clear channel list here all the programs now and later on TV. Sorted by channel and time, after which you can then scroll smoothly. In the details view is a description of the programs to see and where available the trailer of the series or the film.Daarnaast is also seen when certain programs are next on TV. For us a big improvement when it comes to playback on tablets.


Favorites and Alerts

At the request of the testers on Android World, there are a number of new features added in both the smartphone and tablet application. It is possible to set alerts so you never have to miss you. Favorite TV program In addition, there may be favorites have been set, so that they are more easily accessible.


tested by the AW-ers Veronica TV Guide is available for download in the Google Play Store by clicking on the link. below free The following version is to install both a tablet and smartphone, it automatically scales to the right display.

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