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Nintendo comes with Android tablet? - The Gelderlander


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NIJMEGEN – A software developer Nintendo of America has tweets sent into the world showing that Nintendo is working on an android tablet. It would be a tablet containing mostly educational games for children.

It is a tablet with educational games for children

Nintendo does not comment on the tweets of Nando Monterazo, she has been otherwise removed.

Literally he wrote: “At the experiment with a Nintendo tablet based on Android. In response to questions Montezaro wrote later that it is a tablet for children. A new tweet Wednesday that the messenger is obviously touched by his sincerity.

in trouble

He writes on Twitter: “Amazing how dangerous the Internet is. In my enthusiasm I gave price information still could not go outside. Now I am removed from the project that I liked so much. ” (See original tweet below this post)

The information is not definitive in determining whether Nintendo is working on the transition to mobile platforms from third parties, such as Android and iOS. Investors insist long on the course of Mario, Zelda and Samus to those platforms to display. As the sale of these games a boost Own a tablet would be a first step.

Despite the opposition of Nintendo against Android and iOS are the games listed there has long arrived. Not officially but through so-called emulators.

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