Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rumor: Nintendo develops Android tablet for education -

Nintendo would be working to develop. their own Android tablet The tablet should not be primarily focused on playing games, but are intended for education. It would offer.

Nintendo educational software

Nintendo logo with Mario That the Japanese Nintendo is working on a tablet by Nintendo Everything is drawn from a series of tweets from Nando Monterazo, software developer at Nintendo of America. Monterazo says that it is a tablet which runs Android. Nintendo would have changed the mobile OS, but quite unclear whether the tablet will ever be charged. By the Japanese console manufacturer on the market Furthermore, the focus on educational software, in which famous Nintendo game characters would appear.

Nintendo would not officially comment on the tablet experiments Monterazo describes in his tweets. The software developer reports still that the current implementation no old Nintendo console games will emulate, while various emulators like nes, snes and gameboy emulators, trouble-free run According to rumors

Nintendo is increasingly put under pressure from shareholders to bring especially for mobile operating systems. their game titles to other platforms It would focus initially be on iOS, but now it seems the Japanese group also opportunities to monitor the market for educational software and the Android operating system.

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