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Checked: load balancing for anyone with iPhone or iPad -

Checked iPhone iPad iOS 5.0 Time management, project management, task management and shared task lists. You can make it as complicated as you want it with apps, but sometimes you just want something simple divide tasks and nothing more. You can knock at Wunderlist, but even there you fill all kinds of fields to distribute. Actual tasks Checked for iPhone and iPad is an app that can help. The app revolves around one thing: the simplest possible load balancing

Checked comes from developer Philippe Champeaux, who earlier this year signed for. the nice simple cost-splitting app Spent!. We were impressed to its simplicity and that is no different when Checked: the app is exactly the same set. You make a topic and add people to. That appear next to each other at the top of image. At the bottom you add tasks with the plus button. Who come to be. In the left column The result is a comprehensive table of the top people and left tasks, where you just press a button box to assign a task. A further pressure is sufficient to check off a task. That’s all.

Checked Load Balancing iPhone Checked people add

The application uses exactly the right format to continue. organized The default screen is for the tasks and provides bottom of the screen buttons to adjust the tasks to a new add and send via email. Current task list 1 on 1 All individual functions you approach under the sliding menu on the right. You not only adds new names, but also invites other people using their email address off to join the table. Photos you add yourself: there is no possibility to connect the app to existing social media. Others do not have the app, they are advised to download the app. It means that you unfortunately have little to Checked at this time if you Android friends in your group have. The app is only for iOS.

Synchronizing tasks, iCloud and is adequate. It takes in our test about 3 to 20 seconds before changes are visible, presumably with the intervals of the synchronization has to do. Live process is no question, but when you open the app occasionally and drop a check, there must be nothing wrong.

Checked let you pay to add two people to each topic. no If you want more than four subjects or more than two people per subject, once you pay 89 cents in the app. Thus, the application not only friendly classified, but also highly priced.

Download: Checked (free, € 0.89 for full functionality, universal, iOS 5.0 +)

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