Thursday, November 28, 2013

The iPad Mini Retina: finally high-end -

While the iPad mini reviewden last two things were clear, Apple had a nice, compact tablet built, but you also knew that a year later would follow a version with Retina Display and better hardware. During the past year, frequent rumors surfaced about the Retina version and which were often worrying. The screen suppliers because Apple would struggle to produce enough. Retina small screens at a decent price Just went there even rumors that a release in 2013 was therefore not possible.

Even there were rumors that the introduction in 2013 was not possible

The latter turned out to be happy, but even though Apple has not confirmed anything about it, there might still be reason to believe that the iPad mini Retina not trouble the tire rolls. to Find a month after the launch of the iPad Air site, while both tablets were announced simultaneously and is the price of the Retina model is much higher than that of the first mini. For that money, you also get the next higher screen Apple’s new A7-soc, that the iPad Mini this year, a real high-end tablet.

Thus the two biggest downsides to the first version, the unspectacular hardware and moderate screen are solved. However, Apple promises that the battery life despite the faster hardware and the higher screen resolution is unchanged. We went with the new iPad mini to work to make sure it really is so and looked at whether the new hardware is able to justify the higher price.

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