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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years -

Final Fantasy IV After Years iOS header If you think that the story of Final Fantasy IV a closed book was after the original game on the Super Nintendo in 1991, then Square-Enix has a surprise for you. If a bolt from the blue, the publisher Final Fantasy IV: The After Years released for iPhone and iPad, after the part came earlier as a download on the Nintendo Wii. In the game you get ten stories of main characters on. Conform to the series is of course a license for much character development and turn-based battles much.

New moon, new danger

Like Final Fantasy IV on the iPhone and iPad is The After Years in 3D. The game is seventeen years after the original, seventeen years after the war. The son of King Cecil and Queen Rosa has become a young man: Prince Ceodore. He joins the army flying Red Wings, encounters a new moon in the sky, and if that turns out to be full of monsters you have of course the proverbial hell to pay. Ceodore’s story is the first that you play in the game and you have to play it to unlock. Following the storylines of six characters That you can play in your own order.

Battle System

While Final Fantasy has not been returned to the quantity of stories and dialogues in every part of the series, you will again be mainly concerned with the turn-based battles in which you do it with a group of fighters up against all sorts of monsters. The environments during battles do less than the 3D environments that you discover as you keep watching fights from the side. The After Years is not so static that you always have to wait for the opponent initiates a new attack, but uses an “active time battle” that may be.

also fought

Final Fantasy IV After Years stories iOS Final Fantasy IV After Years battles


put your attacks using menus. Because it is a fantastic game for the Nintendo Wii is that menus are unfortunately not optimized for the touch screen. The menus are sticking to the tradition of the series and let you often print which might sweep more logical and faster. However, the original is that the position of the (in-game) moon has an effect on the severity of your attacks. Also, you may combine the strengths of your fighters by amplifying by means of mini-games, or by strengthening. Affinity of characters their band As combined attacks are a lot stronger.

In-app purchases?

Final Fantasy IV deserves a warning before we recommend the game. At the time of writing, we have no way to see if you get the whole game for 14.49 euro The After Years costs. The App Store is still no trace of in-app purchases to see, but the Nintendo Wii, you could have lost! After the purchase price of 10 euros in total for 35 euros on the other storylines Share it with other readers especially if you have more understanding. Once we know more, you can read it in this article.

Download: Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (€ 14.49 Universal iOS 4.3 +)

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