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Review: Apple iPad mini retina - Tablets Magazine

about two weeks ago that the review of the iPad Air appeared here and today it is the turn of the smaller brother of the iPad, the second generation iPad mini. An iPad mini that actually offers exactly what we’ve been since the first day after the announcement of the first iPad mini expecting a retina display. Despite all that we actually did know what was going to happen anyway, Apple surprised the iPad mini retina is indeed also another (a lot) more powerful.

iPad mini retina – Specifications

terms of specifications seems the iPad mini retina very much like the aforementioned iPad Air. The only real difference is in the size of the screen;. 7.9-inch vs. 9.7-inch

  • 7.9-inch display with a resolution of 2048 by 1536 pixels (326 ppi)
  • Apple A7 processor with the additional M7 processor for background data
  • Available in 16, 32, 64 and 128GB
  • Available with or without LTE (mobile internet connection)
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Dual band WiFi a / b / g / n (MIMO)
  • iOS 7

Not only the specs similar to those of the iPad Air, both tablets also follow the same design choices and therefore seem huge at each other. The iPad mini retina has a dimension of 200 x 134.7 x 7.5 mm and weighs 331 grams.

iPad mini retina – Video

video below shows the key points discussed in this review written and I leave the main features and functions of the Apple iPad mini retina see.

iPad mini retina – Hardware and design

terms of design, there is no fool changed much compared to the first generation of the iPad mini retina. Of course, the new color scheme for these iPad application, if you buy a black version is the back ‘space-gray “and not the matte black that you know from the first generation iPad Mini and iPhone 5. The white version still has the same aluminum back. Also in terms of materials, nothing has changed. It is still a tablet made from premium materials and that you see immediately that there is a lot of attention to it.

iPad mini iPad retina Air design 600x357 Review: Apple iPad mini retina

retina iPad mini is slightly thicker and become heavier compared to the previous generation. The same happened when Apple first a retina display in the iPad was able to handle large (iPad 3). Yet the differences are so small that you are wise to do not worry about it. The new iPad mini retina is in fact become 0.3 mm thicker and stores the needle (Kitchen) weighing 23 grams further.

iPad mini iPad retina Air design 2 600x350 Review: Apple iPad mini retina

The blind test I could notice the difference with the first generation, but both my brother and neighbor could not. It is not a scientific test and the new iPad mini is slightly heavier so do with that information what you want. The extra 0.3 millimeters is not enough to worry about compatibility with accessories and cases that are on the market for the first generation iPad mini. Only the very tightest cases would a just maybe can provide.

for problems

iPad mini retina still feels something different compared to last year. While some products like the iPad Mini (iPhone 5 and iPad Air) sometimes almost ‘fake’, den or unreasonably light feel is the iPad mini retina to feel more compact. It probably has to do.

with the extra weight and its distribution


Apple does not like on some choices and selected the ‘simplest’ solution. well at this retina display By doubling the resolution of the first generation not only provide for a retina display but they also enable compatibility with all apps the App Store safely. With 2,048 to 1,536 pixels on a 7.9-inch display that is a bit smaller than the iPad Air is thus the iPad with the highest pixel density (PPI), 326 vs. 264.

iPad mini review retina display 600x364 Review: Apple iPad mini retina

The screen is hugely impressive quality. Viewing angles, contrast and color reproduction are all almost perfectly arranged. Yet the word should almost be there, because in terms of color reproduction scored iPad Air still slightly better. The difference is (for me) are only visible if I have the two tablets side by side and in practice, nothing to worry about, unless you’re a graphics professional who relies on a 100 percent correct representation of the colors. Incidentally scored (much) cheaper Nexus 7 2013 also better in this area, only visible in a direct comparison but not least just to name a few.

Now I look back’m just nitpicking should be said that this screen is really pretty impressive. Retina graphics are nice and fun, but the difference when it comes the rendering of text (now sharp) is huge and not only impact on the enjoyment of the iPad mini retina but is also better / easier on your eyes.


A cup

known in our reviews of Android and Windows tablets iPads but it is always more difficult to ‘fill’ this resource. The iPad has no USB port or microSD slot but is limited to a single Lightning connection and wireless connectivity.

iPad mini retina connections 600x335 Review: Apple iPad mini retina

But again, Apple does not support first and not even all the possibilities for their own wireless routers. Although the Dual band (MIMO) WiFi a / b / g / n implementation of new and good can this latest iPad no WiFi a / c to. Bluetooth 4.0 is, of course, but NFC can you write on your stomach, though of course no surprise. Apple’s own iBeacons implementation is of course the technology on which they continue to focus.


The speakers are still bottom of the tablet, on both sides of the Lightning connector. This is (by far) can not be described as annoying or unfortunate that the sound only comes from the left or right. Enough space to create a (good) stereo effect and especially in landscape mode The sound itself is nice and can be pretty hard put without significant deformation. Of course, the bass not crazy impressive and the same goes for treble. But a strong midrange speakers perfectly usable for making a YouTube video, game or sporadic song. Or headphones (Bluetooth) speakers for serious applications always a better option of course.


cameras on the iPad mini retina are similar to those of the iPad Air and iPad 4. Maybe there are small changes but I can not be detected. The camera on the back of the iPad mini retina is of fairly good quality though removing it is not the quality of the camera that you will find the latest generation iPhones. Yet this very useful for quick snapshots, video calls and to entertain with apps like iMovie, Pinnacle and various photo editing programs yourself. The camera on the front is purely interesting for a video call or a quick self-portrait.

iPad mini retina camera 600x345 Review: Apple iPad mini retina

Battery Life

Doubling the resolution in practice means four times as many pixels (there is indeed doubling place on both the length and the width). This also means that should be., Four times as many pixels illuminated Yet Apple keeps tight to their own requirement for devices with 9 to 10 shipping. Minimum hours battery life This means that the battery in the iPad mini retina has become considerably larger and can be. Probably blamed for the extra 0.3mm But the results are there for the iPad mini retina is about 9 to 11 hours on a single charge, depending on the tasks you towards screen and processor throws natural. Apple also provides a more powerful charger with this year, instead of the iPhone charger from last year is now a real (10W) iPad charger in the box.

iPad mini retina – Software

As you obviously already expected and probably knows just running the new iPad mini retina iOS 7. I will not pay too much attention to for this review because you are no doubt already familiar with iOS 7 and the associated advantages and disadvantages. If you know nothing about iOS 7 then it probably is fun and interesting to our on iOS 7 on the iPad to view.


It is important to mention here that all the functionalities you know of other Apple products are available on the iPad, so including Siri. Also, it is always good to know that you can download in the App Store a lot (a lot) specifically designed for the iPad software. The app for iPad offer to me is still one of the most important unique selling points . The downside is known and stay the course ‘closed’ nature of the system that offers fewer possibilities for personalization.

iPad mini retina software 600x372 Review: Apple iPad mini retina

With the introduction of the iPad and iPad mini Air retina Apple has also chosen to make free to buyers of new Mac and iOS products. their own apps available Both the iWork package as the iLife package are now available for free download from the App Store. For power users is the package iWork (Pages / Numbers / Keynote) is not sufficient to fully Office as an alternative to do its job, but for most users this free software offers more than enough opportunities. In iLife apps are iPhoto, GarageBand and iMovie. These three apps offer for young and old enough fun opportunities to make music and videos or editing photos. In addition to these new free apps of course there is much more to be found in iOS. Most of them are standard apps where you are most likely already familiar with but there are also lesser known (and loved) apps like “Find My Friends” and iTunes U .

iPad mini retina – In use

iPad mini I mentioned last year the best ever iPad and that was mainly due to the new format, which I would describe. as the ideal choice for most people Yet an iPad mini from last year was not without compromise, namely if it were you bought an iPad with the specifications of the iPad 2, which at that time was two years old. The new mini ipad retina is a full top-of-the-line ipad, including a screen, and a retina-the-art processor. The clock is a few percent lower than that iPad Air and the screen of the Air has a slightly better range as stated in terms of color reproduction. But in practice, the two cases are not really noticeable and probably not a deal-breaker.

iPad mini retina review gaming 600x387 Review: Apple iPad mini retina

the new and fast processor you can now also (fast) really do everything on the iPad that you also do the bigger brother. With free apps like iMovie and Garagaband is audio and video no problem. Of course typing on the onscreen keyboard a little tighter than on the large version and anyway all the elements on the screen smaller when you direct comparison makes the iPad Air. But when it comes to this we just talking about a matter of personal preference, and a small keyboard problem can always be solved via Bluetooth and you could even say thumb-typing easier on the iPad mini retina. It’s just what you want.

Actually all iPads have a quality that I usually describe as “the invites to be used”. This new iPad mini has that but adds something to it. The device invites himself to be everywhere. Taken to them Now the weather wintry weather outside, I caught myself a few times on an iPad mini in the inside pocket of my jacket. While walking the dog I could still beautiful as an additional fifteen Ocean Horn play. Although the Nexus 7 also fits easily in a jacket (even easier!) This device has never yet managed to catch me. The same way But let’s be clear, that may just have to do with personal preferences!


Actually I have already mentioned a few, but for the sake of completeness, I also went under the heading performance mention that the iPad mini retina is fast, very fast. Compared with the iPad Air is the A7 processor clocked at 1.3GHz instead of 1.4GHz, but the difference is not really noticeable in practice. Even (ridiculous) intensive tasks such as locking and editing photo and video material is to do this new fast processor.


1GB of memory remains somewhat scanty, iOS 7 manages the use and well while running an app, you will “never” have a problem, but it would be nice for example 2GB of RAM to have websites so longer remain in the memory of Safari. The fact is that sometimes after using another app you go back to Safari and the pages should be. Rendered again

iPad mini iPad retina Air 600x375 Review: Apple iPad mini retina

terms of gaming does this iPad nothing its bigger brother, it is perhaps in size to many hands might be a little easier. I have at least a preference for gaming on the iPad mini. Games load quickly and run smoothly, as far as I know, I did not experience any noticeable frame drops or delays while playing. Delays were due to the lack of power of course, because a new app as the aforementioned Ocean Horn still has some bugs here and there, of course.

The performance is at least top-of-the-line and I will iPad along with the larger Air version even dare to describe as the most powerful tablets on the market, partly due to the (closed) software and the ecosystem with apps.

iPad mini retina – Conclusion

new iPad mini retina is an impressive tablet. Apple iPads know the difference between the two vastly reduce the machine’s are finally almost the same with the main difference being the size. The new iPad Air is thin and light, and this new iPad mini has a beautiful retina display and powerful. Which best suits you depends on personal preference. Also you obviously think good or 4:3 aspect ratio and the iOS operating system enough (extra) value to your offers to choose for an iPad because in many ways similar tablet from the Android camp costs only 269 euros (Google Nexus 7 in 2013) and you also get a standard 32GB storage memory. But that’s a matter of preference and needs in terms of apps. Which tablet you choose, it will not surprise me if someone perceives as bad buy because it’s all very nice stuff. My money is certainly spent on the iPad mini retina.

this year


  • No expandability
  • Relatively expensive


  • impressive retina display
  • Very fast
  • Thin and light

Tablets Magazine
9.0 10 Sam Rijver product

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