Thursday, November 28, 2013

Note File 2.0 for iPhone and iPad: Support 64-bit and AirDrop -

file note Note File, a fast and popular note-taking app, has had. a hefty update For example, the app supports the 64-bit processor of the iPhone 5s now, the iPad Air and iPad mini Retina, What makes the app faster to use. Now you can share notes via AirDrop and the design of the app updated to iOS 7. The distinctive brown paper remained, however, that Note File is an exception to the “whitest white-whiter-trend ‘of many apps with updates iOS 7 . Note File is available as a Mac app, Dashboard widget and a universal app for iPhone and iPad.

Note File sync notes automatically via iCloud or through June Cloud sync, the private cloud storage program developer. If you are the app with iCloud and iOS 7 used after the update notes on the background update. In addition, the app is now updated with the latest TextExpander system, which is compatible with iOS 7. Finally, the developers have made a number of bug fixes that sharing notes via email and improved syncing via iCloud and June Cloud works better.

Note File was visiting the App Store earlier as Dashboard widget for Mac OS X available. June Developer Cloud is also known from the app Delivery Status Touch, which you can retrieve status. Parcels on the iOS platform Like Delivery Status touch also used Note File now iCloud Keychain (Key) for June Cloud accounts. Note To use file you have now iOS 6 or higher operating systems. A similar app is iA Writer, iOS app that also costs € 4.49, but for separate Mac app, you pay € 8.99


Download: Note File (€ 4.49 Universal iOS 6.0 +)

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