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Mounted 12.9-inch iPad, release already in early 2014 - MobiLeaks

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reportedly 12.9 inch tablet from Apple, which recently appeared in the news, has just become a reality. The Korea Times has announced today that, basing this from a number of anonymous messages on the big iPad. The new iPad is already expected in early 2014.

It was at first not sure if Apple was just busy testing of larger displays with high resolution, or actually wanted to bring a new appliance. market In addition, it was not known whether it was a great iPad or a new MacBook Air with the unit. The recently published report by the Korea Times is therefore ultimately clarification came in the whole story.

12.9 inch iPad

Besides the fact that it is a fairly large iPad will be, the 12.9-inch screen of the iPad is a very interesting bonus. The new Apple tablet will in fact be able to get in the best cases almost 3840 × 2160 pixels. Much higher resolution This resolution is now also known as 4K and is currently only seen on very luxurious TVs. All this sounds very impressive, of course, the experts on a resolution of 2732x2048p, speak what still is the impressive number. Also, with this resolution, the display of the nearly 13-inch iPad, defeating the last two iPads from Apple. So have the iPad and the iPad Mini Air Retina display (iPad Mini 2) a resolution of 2048x1536p.

If Apple really early next year, its great iPad market yield, then this will be a big blow to Samsung. Samsung showed yesterday know that they were planning to deliver in 2014. 100 million tablets Samsung is also just as Apple is also working on making tablets with larger displays. Whether these tablets also goes to the super luxury 4K resolution is still questionable, although Samsung have indicated that they are using this technology.


Currently, we are still waiting for a name for the large and mega sharp iPad. Hopefully we’ll hear more soon. Regarding the release date, this is not yet known, probably connect it to the schedule of the last few years, when Apple released its new iPad’s in March.


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