Thursday, November 28, 2013

Cloud storage service Mega after months still on iPhone and iPad - Computer Total

Significantly later than on Android and the desktop is the encrypted storage service Mega now available on iOS. Also in Dutch.

iOS users access to Mega. The successor to the infamous and from the air extracted Megaupload gives users 50GB of free cloud storage. This makes it a direct competitor to services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft Skydrive. In July, the application is already available for Android came. Now Mega also approved by the ballot committee Apple. Than four months later

Mega has been available since January 2013 and comes from the pen of the now been swung internet tycoon Kim Dotcom. That we remember well from his battle with the FBI, with the seizure of the servers of the once very popular Megaupload. Which let users up to 200 GB of free cloud storage.

Mega is now also available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. For this is a minimum required iOS 6. The free app is optimized for iPhone 5 (S) and stores taken photos and videos directly to the cloud. The Dutch language is available.

dates Mega is encrypted. Files are secured to the storage service with a 2048-bit key. To create the key, the password used, and entropy is added by processing. Mouse movements and keystrokes There has been strongly criticized by cryptographers this form of security, which would contain several weaknesses.

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