Saturday, November 30, 2013

App Tip: Mobile Mouse, your iPad as a trackpad use for your computer - Apple Spot

Mobile Mouse (Remote & Mouse for the iPad)

R.P.A. Tech Version: 3.0.2 Platform: iPad € 1.79

Mobile Mouse (Remote & Mouse for the iPad) Download

Apple sells himself a Magic Trackpad that you can use with your computer, but if you have a MacBook, this is not the case. Do you have an iPad, but want to purchase any Magick trackpad? Then you still have a trackpad in the house, namely the Mobile Mouse app developer RPA Tech.

This app will cost you only € 1.79 and transforms your iPad displays a real Magic Trackpad. To use the app, you must first install a (free) little program on your Mac or PC. Then you can connect the app to your computer and you can use it as a trackpad.

The app includes default controlls all that useful as media keys and you can scroll with natural and even typing. Browsing files in the app is also available. Mobile Mouse works very well and you find virtually no lag when you use it as a Magic Trackpad.

Mobile Mouse (Remote & Mouse for the iPad) Download:  Mobile Mouse (Remote & Mouse for the iPad) to download

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