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Increasingly, laptop, smartphone and tablet at home - Central Bureau of Statistics

Almost all households in the Netherlands have Internet access. The desktop computer is loosing ground to the mobile devices. In almost half of the households is a tablet is present.

More often

a laptop than a desktop

In 2013, 95 percent of households in the Netherlands home Internet access. The laptop has thereby desktop supplanted as the most used device to access the Internet. Today owns 78 percent of households have a laptop and a desktop 69 percent five years ago it was 62 and 83 percent respectively. Seven out of ten households use a smartphone for Internet access, two and a half times as many as in 2009. In 45 percent of households has become a tablet is present.

Internet equipment in households

Internetapparatuur in huishoudens

Tablet in almost half of households

The tablet has taken the fourth place of the devices for Internet use in households in 2013. Households consisting of couples with children with a share of 62 percent front-runner in possession of tablets. The younger couples without children has more than half a tablet. The lowest share of tablet users (23 percent) is found at internetting person households aged 45 years or older.

Presence tablet in households, 2013

Aanwezigheid tablet huishoudens, src=

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