Monday, November 18, 2013

Retina iPad mini well received in the first reviews - One More Thing

Last week Apple began unexpectedly with the sale of the Retina iPad mini , iPad brings all the goodness of the iPad Air in a smaller size. Meanwhile, some foreign tech sites the latest addition to the iPad family thoroughly examined in several reviews.

Like the iPad Air, also shows the iPad mini to fall taste the reviewers are impressed with the iPad Mini with Retina Display. The screen and speed as excellent experience, the battery life is well versed. Some criticisms were the price, which is on the high side and the speakers, which are awkwardly placed.


The iPad Mini with Retina Display tunes positive reviewers.

CNET: The iPad Mini with Retina Display is the ideal compact tablet

If you want a small tablet with no limitations, that can best run the gamut of high-end apps, display-type productivity applications in a larger amount of screen space, and play games amazingly, the iPad Mini with Retina Display is hands-down the way to go. It’s a better primary tablet, while affordable Those competitors make good secondary tablets.

Gizmodo: Perfect screen, fine in hand, poor positioning speakers

More importantly, it still feels firm despite its waifish dimensions. Its balance feels as precise as a sword or, less melodramatically / more relatably, a really decent frisbee. It’s a one-handed operation (yes, good joke, good job) in a way all tablets should be. [...]

The speaker placement is still terrible for doing anything that requires a landscape orientation. your palm can not help but cover them up, everything is muffled, you can not avoid it, it is bad.

TechRadar: Everything is thick for each other, not just the price

Battery life is strong, the A7 chip works in a robust fashion, and the Retina screen, while massively overdue, is clear and crisp. And then there’s the usual Apple stuff we’re starting to tire of praising: the amount or 4G bands, the MiMo wireless connectivity to improvesleep Wi-Fi, the strong catalog of apps. It’s all there and make a tablet that’s beyond par in so many ways.

The price is higher again as Apple, like Amazon and Google, looks to step away from the razor-thin margins of last year’s budget tablets, but on our early look alone, we think Apple has once again eased ahead in the mid slate-size space.

Wired: It was worth waiting

The Retina iPad mini is exactly the type of product we expect from Apple. Stunning good looks, a high resolution display so it’d take a magnifying glass to pick out the pixels, and unparalleled performance. This is the smaller iPad That shouldhave debuted last year, but hey, better late than never.


iPad mini, like the iPad Air, a hit. The price after the reviews came in no real criticisms forward. Reportedly, the availability of the iPad Mini with Retina Display limited, you can order through the Apple Online Store or reserve online and collect in Amsterdam Apple Store.

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