Sunday, November 17, 2013

Future: Credit Pebble or iWatch in the iPad POS -

pebble arm NFC is a technology that Apple seems to pass up. While banks and handset makers frolic with NFC pilot projects Apple has other plans. We wrote this morning about the iBeacon technology, which Apple based on location can offer you all kinds of information about products as you walk around in the Apple Store . The link with pay was soon laid. But how? Christian Deger, CEO of payment provider Payworks have ideas how that will work. In a Vine video shows how you can do. Pebble with a smart watch and iPad payments You put the watch on the screen of the iPad and press a button on the watch to confirm.
Because the Pebble watch and iPad via Bluetooth to communicate with each other, the agreement for the payment passed. Actually, there is obviously a iWatch must lie on the iPad screen but in the absence of its own smart watch meet Apple also a pebble. CEO Eric Migicovsky of Pebble gave at an event in October that many new features will be added, so that it may not surprise us. However, it is difficult to achieve if the solution works only at the Pebble commercial success. The consumer group with such a smart watch is too small to make it through. Success But it shows how Apple later payments on iWatch or iOS devices can offer.

Video not visible? On the website you can find the original Vine.

Below you can see the payment process. an even more extensive video In a blog posting they explain that this is the fastest method of payment is:

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