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Tips for the Holidays: Five accessories for your Android tablet - Tablets Magazine

The holidays are just around the corner and that means we are all going to hunt for nice gifts. Earlier we looked at the five best tablets for the holidays , but if you are looking for an accessory for your Android tablet as a gift for yourself or someone else, we also have a number of favorites You. In this article, we put five handy accessories for your Android tablet among themselves.

Kurio tablet car kit

Long car rides on the way to Italy or France, who does not know it? Previously, you had to keep the kids busy with games and later with portable DVD players. The disadvantage of such a DVD player is that you have to stop every two hours to make a new film to do. Now most families have a tablet that can in much easier. With the combination of a tablet, which usually lasts eight hours on a charge, a few nice scenes and Kurio kit are your children all the way shut.

C13500 unit right persp 130307 600x346 Tips for the Holidays: Five accessories for your Android tablet

holder you attach very simple to the headrest of the seat, the person sitting on the chair is there no bother. It holds tablets of 7 – t / m 10-inch into the holder and there is a long cable, to provide your tablet current. The Kurio tablet car kit for 24.95 euro include available Wehkamp .

A-SOLAR Touch Gloves

Netherlands can sometimes be quite cold, but fortunately we have gloves. With gloves, you can not be a touch screen devices like your tablet, operate. With these gloves that may be because there is a special conductive thread in the fingertips that make this possible.

handschoennen 600x250 Tips for the Holidays: Five accessories for your Android tablet

It works quite accurate, at least better than your nose, which is the only option if you do not have these gloves and warm hands to hold. The A-Solar Touch Gloves are available at a small 13 euro include .

Belkin Tablet kitchen stand

While cooking you can use a cookbook, but an app on your tablet is easier to work. You will have a lot of recipes on hand and of course instructional videos. There are also many apps available that show you how to make dishes, what you should do and what you should do is get tired.

kitchen mode 600x250 Tips for the Holidays: Five accessories for your Android tablet

This pretty standard in the kitchen (or wherever you want) comes with a washable stylus. So you do not get greasy fingers on the screen during cooking. You can also place the tablet in different positions and is always kept in place. The Kitchen Table is available for 39.99 euros include .

Logitech Easy-Switch Bluetooth Keyboard (K811)

Larger tablets are often used occasionally to edit a document, but with the on-screen keyboard is this awkward and slow. With this keyboard, which works on any tablet with Bluetooth, you can type faster. Because he is so thin he is very suitable to take to work or college classroom, but at home it is also very convenient.

Logitech K811 Bluetooth Keyboard 600x350 Tips for the Holidays: Five accessories for your Android tablet

The additional feature of the Logitech Easy-Switch Bluetooth keyboard is that with the push of a button can switch to another device, so you can connect three there. For example your smartphone, your tablet and your PC. The keyboard is available for 95 euros include MediaMarket .

Wacom Bamboo Stylus

Wacom we know the sign for tablets with your computer. However, the company also makes styli for tablets. There are many of these types of pens available, but these never last long. The Wacom Bamboo stylus is however very well received by users and are often recommended.

bamboo 600x250 Tips for the Holidays: Five accessories for your Android tablet

Lets you control almost any android tablet, you can use it to write on the screen and you can make drawings in this purpose apps. The Wacom Bamboo is available in several colors for 14.99 euros and for sale at include .

Accessory reviews

course this is only a small selection of accessories that you can purchase for your Android tablet but also read especially our accessory reviews by our experience with the latest products.

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