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for 229 euros available Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 to compete with Google’s Nexus 7. Yoga tablet has an innovative design. The device can be used in many different positions.


The left side of the tablet has the shape of a cylinder, which is very nice looking in portrait mode because the weight and center of gravity of the tablet are centered in your hand


for Yoga Tablet 8 cylinder shape chosen also means that when you put the tablet on a flat surface, the tablet automatically a viewing angle that is directed towards the user.

the fold “kickstand” you can further increase the viewing angle as the tablet is flat, but that is not the main objective. This kickstand is primarily intended to Yoga tablet alone put away. That way you have your hands free, and you can further customize the viewing angle yet.

These features make the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 very functional use on multiple occasions. And what is also nice to see a bit of aluminum on a tablet that is clearly no iPad is …

We are not under the impression in the specifications. The standard hardware components it should be alright, but this is clearly not the fastest tablet you can buy. With an 8 inch screen goes a long way, the screen will however be desired, especially compared with the Nexus 7. The viewing angle is the fortunately well with the Yoga Tablet 8.

Dolby Digital and battery life

The speakers at the front of the tablet have Dolby Digital Plus, what makes the speakers better than an average tablet. The camera on the back is not as high quality, fortunately the front camera is good enough for video calling while you use the standing position of the tablet. The Yoga 8 Tablet Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, and runs for one reason or another has the Lenovo standard appmenu removed. This is your whole home screen full of apps.

A smart menu option is off by default and that is hard to find gives you a smart sidebar for navigation. You look media, apps, and various options for setting the connectivity of your tablet. Lenovo says that the Yoga tablet should insist on one battery charge. The 18 hours In our test we came up with over 12 hours of video playback time on wifi. That’s quite an accomplishment.


Yoga Tablet 8 is one of the best designed Android tablets we’ve seen so far. The price is reasonable, the battery life is impressive. We found the hardware a bit mediocre so Yoga will have to be for example the Nexus 7.

Tablet worth a worthy competitor
This is a translated review from our sister site PCAdvisor.com, made by Chris Martin. Your own Computer! Total review follows once the manufacturer makes available a test model.

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