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Google Play Music now on iPhone, iPad and iPod - De Gelderlander


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AMSTERDAM – Google fans with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch have had to wait, but the app for Google Play Music is from Friday to download in the App Store. With the app you can listen to your own music uploaded and, if you have a subscription to any music from Google Play Music All Access, the Spotify competitor to Google.

Immediately noticeable after opening the app is that Google has chosen not to confront the entire music or all your playlists immediately. Instead, you get an overview (Listen Now) containing the albums, playlists and radio stations that Google deems relevant.

You also have the next opportunity to view, browse your playlists and listen to personalized radio stations also your library the opportunity to discover new music. In this part of the app does Google recommendations about potentially interesting playlists, artists, albums and radio stations.

Furthermore, the operation of Google Play Music properly reflect those of competitors such as Spotify, Deezer and Rdio. Users have the option to listen to restrict wifi and music to ‘download’ for offline use.

streaming music in different quality settings

Scan-and-match the Google Play Music is free to use as online storage for your music. With your desktop or laptop you through music manager music (up to 20,000 songs) of your hard drive to upload to your Google Account. In addition, Google uses a scan-and-match ‘technique.

Music on Google’s servers occurs, is not uploaded, but offered from the Play Store. The same technique used in Apple iTunes Match. In order to make use of the All Access is a subscription of just 10 euros per month.

Google Play Music for iOS is a free download from the App Store.

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