Sunday, November 17, 2013

AMD shows "Project Discovery" gaming tablet concept - Tablets Magazine

AMD has shown a tablet this week specifically for playing games. The concept tablet should be officially presented at CES 2014 and features AMD’s next generation “Mullins’ processor.

The reference design, which AMD shows what the possibilities with the new chip, goes under the name Project Discovery, runs on Windows 8 and can be equipped with a game controller accessory. Earlier we saw included the Edge Tablet Razer which was equipped with the same accessories.

There is also a dock that can be developed. tablet to desktop transformed The concept runs on AMD’s new ‘Mullins’ processor, a chip that particularly focused on tablets, hybrid models and thin notebooks that do not have active cooling. The 28nm processor is expected to consume 2 watts when in use.

Chip manufacturer AMD wants to show what the company can do in terms of tablets, with this design, and well it should, because to date there are few tablets released with an AMD chip. It is probably a design that will never reach the market, but if AMD release the tablet would not be the first chip manufacturer with its own tablet. Nvidia released earlier this year: the Shield console on the market and has the Tegra Note 7 was launched last week in the U.S..

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