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According to figures from Statistics Netherlands.

The laptop remains the most popular device and is found, followed by the desktop and smartphone 69 percent.

in 78 percent of households

The tablet is the first brought by CBS and 45 percent of Dutch households have a copy. Singles over 45 years, the least tablets.

Another 5 percent of the Dutch population has no access to the Internet. In 2012 and 2011 it was 6 percent. The number of internet thus discharging stagnant in recent years.

Especially living alone use Internet and most people who do not have access indicate that this is because they are not interested. A very small part remains offline because of financial reasons. Chances are that it is older.

Move the cursor over the graph to see percentages . The data comes from CBS. Click here to view a larger version. – (C) / Yarno Ritzen

The number of people without internet is incidentally has decreased substantially over the past five years. In 2008 it was still 14 percent.

See the 25-year history of the Dutch internet in figures

Five people without whom the Internet did not exist

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