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iPad Mini with Retina display - The little powerhouse - Computer Total

The disadvantages of the first iPad mini dissolve like snow in the sun with the arrival of the iPad Mini with Retina display. With a crisp display and powerful processor that iPad has the same features as the iPad Air, but in miniature.

Price va 338.41 euros
OS class=”c2″> Display 7.9 inch Retina (2048 x 1536 pixels )
Processor Storage A7
16, 32, 64 or 128 GB
Connections Wifi 802.11 a / b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0
Dimensions 134.7 x 200 x 7.5 mm (WxHxD) Weight
331 grams (341 grams for wifi)
Front camera 1.2 megapixel, 720p video
Camera back 5 megapixel, 1080p video
Sensors 3-Axis Gyroscope, accelerometer, ambient light sensor

iPad with the highest pixel density

This year’s iPad mini improved at all points where he first fell short. The tablet has a nice, sharp Retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. That’s almost twice as much as his older brother, and the same number of pixels as the iPad Air (review). And while that’s a lot bigger. This ensures that the new iPad mini iPad with the highest pixel density.

There is a lot to see in the sharpness difference between the iPad mini and that of his predecessor. Pixels are visible to the naked eye is almost impossible to see what makes for bright colors and sharp images. The 7.9 inch screen is also the side to watch. The modern design iOS 7 is thereby very nice on this screen.

from different viewing angles can be seen. Retina display properly

Easy to take

The tablet weighs slightly less than the iPad Air (331 grams), has a dimension of 134.7 to 200 millimeters and 7.5 millimeters thick. He is thus 3 grams heavier than its predecessor and 0.3 millimeters thicker. Therefore still too large to be able to control with one hand.

two hands to operate the tablet is very good and it feels great in the hand, not too heavy or too large. I somehow get the feeling of a great smartphone, but in a positive sense. This grab the iPad fast with out and take it too easy with:. Barely feel the device in your bag

is the new color scheme applies to the iPad. If you buy a black version is the back ‘gray space’ and not the matte black that we know from the first generation iPad mini. We tested the white version has some nice silver accents.

The iPad Mini with Retina display is 7.5 mm thin


All the key features available on other Apple products, are now available on the iPad mini. Even Siri does not stay back roads. In addition, a wide range of apps available specifically designed for fast-A7 processor that resides in the new mini.

With the introduction of the iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina display, Apple also have their own apps available free with purchase of a new Apple system. Apps from iWork and iLife are therefore free to download from the App Store, for example if you buy this iPad mini 2. The iWork suite is Pages, Numbers and Keynote, which is enough for most users to be able to. Feet Also, many apps thoroughly redesigned, making them look much more modern look. It remains a disadvantage that the iOS software offers few opportunities for personalization.


appointed as the new iPad mini is a lot faster than its predecessor. Be carried out quickly by the rapid A7 processor tasks and you can easily switch between programs. You can choose a storage capacity of 16, 32, 64 or 128 GB. Note that there are 90 euros in the price is added. Capacity for each step

The iPad Mini with Retina display keeps about 10 hours, but make sure though that the brightness is not full. The iPad does not have a standard USB port or microSD slot – but hey, we are no different from Apple accustomed course. For wireless connections, the tablet falls back on Bluetooth 4.0 and the current WiFi standard. Of course, there is also an iPad mini available that 4G Internet carries.

There are several beautiful and useful protective cases available for the iPad Mini .


iPad mini has the same camera as the iPad Air. This 5 megapixel camera on the back is of good quality but does not compare with the camera that you will find on the latest generation of iPhones. Well I myself would rather choose to photograph than with an iPad, a smartphone but it is very handy for quick shots. The front camera is useful for video calls or taking selfies called. The quality of the front camera is significantly lower: 1.2 megapixel



sound that produces the iPad mini is not ideal. This can also make for a disappointment if for example you’re watching a movie. The speakers are still under placed on the tablet, which simply is not enough space to create. A nice stereo effect Especially in landscape mode, you will often use when watching a movie, the sound is disappointing. However, the sound is quite loud. Put your iPad down well, then this fine to use. As speaker

The speakers are still at the bottom of the tablet.


The iPad Mini with Retina display, everything Describing a beautiful thing. ” The improved screen and powerful processor is the iPad very pleasant to use. The difference between the Air and the iPad, Apple iPad mini know greatly diminish. They are now actually the same products, only the iPad mini stroke smaller and cheaper. Unfortunately, in comparison with other tablets, the iPad Mini with Retina displey still really on the pricey side. So now it is based on only one format preference. Go for this iPad Mini with Retina display, you get at least one tablet in the house which is ideal for traveling.

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